Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Special Clothes for Tough Times

Let's not ignore the elephant in the room.

The economy blows.

I know, right?  This must be total news to those of you whole only rely on my blog for information!  And if you live in a cave.  Or don't understand any language of any kind.  But even then, you could probably decipher Jim Cramer's dejected little face.

It's hard to be promoting anything consumer-ish these days, but I think now is the time to emphasize the need for quality over quantity when it comes to special items.

And lately, my go-to boutique for the unique is Sangaree in Georgetown.

I have actually only bought one thing there, but it was a fantastic suit with interesting details and I can easily wear in spring, summer and fall.  They carry smaller labels and have an amazing selection of dresses for upgrading for work.

It wasn't cheap, but I'll wear it to death, and I'm sure I won't run into another lobbyist in the halls of Russell wearing the same thing.  Which is pretty much a guarantee with anything from Ann Taylor Loft.

So, if f you are local, I urge you (whoa, writing too many action alerts) to go check out Sangaree, if only to browse.  

Just a warning...they are having a sale this weekend...

3288 M Street NW near 33rd Street

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