Friday, July 10, 2009

The Plain White Tees

I'm not sure if it was born of simply finding what works for me or just sheer laziness, but this morning I realized that the outfit I was wearing had rapidly become a "uniform" for me.

Pencil skirt.

White tee shirt.

Statement-y necklace.


Cardigan. (my office is freezing!)

It has all the elements to fit the mold for a summer uniform. It's dressy enough for the office and for an occasional meeting, but comfortable enough for drinks afterwards with non-work folk.

But for me, the key to making it look pretty instead of sloppy was the right tee shirt wardrobe. And believe you me! It took some work to finding the right ones. I tried on ones from J. Crew, Forever 21, American Apparel, Gap, etc. And what I found is that they are not all created equal. Some are so thin as to be see-though. Some are too long. Some are belly-button baring. Some are too thick, ok, whatever, you get the point.

So you can avoid the search yourself, see my top three picks below...


Definitely the priciest of the bunch and perhaps jumps outside the tee shirt category, but an essential, especially in prepster-dominated DC. Just please, keep your collar down.

American Apparel Deep V Neck

My current obsession. The cotton is soft and thin from day one, and it's gotten better with washing. The deep V neck is slightly sexy, but not obscene. The sleeve is a little on the long side, making it slightly androgynous. Which is cool. Or at least that's what the American Apparel ads tell me.

Petit Bateau

An oldie but a goodie. I stocked up on these puppies when I lived in France and the exchange rate was favorable. Oh yeah, BEFORE THE EURO. That's right, I've had my stash of these since 1999. That shiz is durable. They are made from a thicker gauge cotton and the crew necks have a little rickrack trim that elevate it to work appropriate status. They are also fitted, but not tight. A key distinction.

So, go forth and clothe my good friends. White tees are staples, even if you haven't settled into a style rut like me...oops, I mean, uniform.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Laying Down the Law

So, that Internet.

It's a wild world out there filled with crazies and pervies.

While I do love twitter for constant updates from some awesome people, I don't love it for the creepy stuff from the unknown weirdos.

Therefore, I'm announcing a policy for my twitter and reserve the right to change at any time, at my own whim, etc.

(It's the lawyer in me)

If you follow me, congrats! You've just made a great decision and your life will now be complete with updates about fugliness on the street, my foibles in life and alerts about sales...probably in Georgetown.

I understand your choice to keep your twitter feed private instead of public. You are not Chuck Grassley and do not need everyone in the world to know what you think about Obama eating dinner instead of fixing the economy.

Wait...ARE you Chuck Grassley? Then get back to fixing health care! And dude, moisturizer. For realz.

Anyhoo. If you choose to block your twitter and follow me, I will request to follow you. If you don't comply, I reserve the right to block you.

That's the way the cookie crumbles, folks.

Also, if you are creepy and post stuff that makes my skin crawl, I might block you too.

But seriously, follow me!