Saturday, May 31, 2008

Please, Just Don't Watch This in Your Cube

Ok, so everyone does a little non-work web surfing every once in a while, but the smartest among us know how to keep it all PG and functional.

This means, you can read the Thursday Style Section of the New York Times, but checking out Perez Hilton is probably not that smartest career move.

So, when I heard about this possibly useful webinar I just closed my eyes and prayed that there are not people dumb enough to watch in their cube in Hart while waiting for some last minute procedural votes or anything.


Well, it's on how to do an at home waxing.

Yeah, PLEASE don't watch this at work.

But curiosity might get the better of me to check it out AT HOME.  ALONE.  WITH THE SOUND LOW.

The deets:

Completely Bare Waxing Webinar

July 17, 2008

7:00 pm to 7:45 pm EST

Mark it down on your Outlook calendar.  AT HOME.

And if you are stuck at will be archived for viewing later.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Call Off the Suicide Watch

Well, I finally got to the bottom of the mystery of the vanishing Trish McEvoy perfume.

Yes, a few weeks ago I blogged that I had heard from numerous sources that the reason I couldn't find any of my beloved fragrance anywhere was that it was being discontinued.

A massive depression ensued.

I am particularly picky about perfume and it took me a really long time to find one that I liked, but also that didn't make my husband gag.

So, the news that it might be taken off the shelf permanently really hurt my soul.

But!  In a moment of dispair, I dug up the email address of a Trish McEvoy representative who had helped me track down a another one of her products.  I emailed her for the straight dope.

And lo and behold, she kicked it up the chain!  To Trish herself!

Blind faith that this actually went to Trish, but I'm willing to believe at this point.

So, the story is...the #4 perfume, Gardenia Musk has NOT been discontinued.  However, it is being reformulated to be longer lasting and that is the reason for the dearth of stock in stores.


Now, in a few fortnights/months/congressional terms/years if it hasn't reappeared on store shelves, I could be crying foul, but for now I'm happy to believe that it's coming back and will be better than ever!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Getting Nailed for the Wedding

Choosing a nail polish color for my wedding turned out to be a more difficult process than I envisioned.

I sort of assumed that I could pick any of the pale Essie colors that I have come to know and love and call it a day.

But when I picked a dress that had a much warmer undertone than I was used to, I had to rethink many of my fave nail shades since they all have such a pink base that it would have looked weird against the dress.

And of course I just left it until the last minute when we held my bridal party manicure/pedicure session at the Townhouse Spa.  During a MONSOON.

After comparing and debating the pros and cons of about a thousand pale shades, I settled on Essie Ador-a-Ball for my fingers, and OPI Mimosas for Mr and Mrs for my toes.

The former is a milky sheer color with just a hint of pink, while the latter is a creamier more opaque shade with more of a beige undertone.  Both went perfectly with my dress and shoes, making my nails look sophisticated, but also not very noticeable.

The best part?  

My manicure was perfect until the day I returned from my honeymoon.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Wouldn't that be an awesome name for a blister product?

Yeah, probably not.

Oh well.  While most of you were plowing through the breaking news from the Grey Lady about how chipped nail polish is NOT a faux pas if you are young, skinny and hip, I was looking at the article just below it.

Remember how...way back when...when I introduced you all to Body Glide, the magical gel that prevents blisters for marathoners, Tour de France riders and you in those new patent Nine West pumps?

No?  Let me refresh your memory....

Well, while the New York Times has high minded ideas that blister remedies should be used for hardcore hikers, I say "Eff that!"

I hike, dammit.  

I hike up the Hill from Rayburn to Cannon.  In heels.

In the test, Body Glide fared well, but the SAM Blist-o-Ban actually stopped one of the blisters from forming.  

I think I've got to get me some of this. 

Oh, and my nail polish is totally chipped.  I better start crash dieting and lying about my age, otherwise I'll never be able to pull this off.

photo courtesy of

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Baaaack! And Wed!

It's true!

I'm an old married lady!

Onto the details that I was saving for you.  For one big wedding deluge post!

(well, three of my favorite details)

First, the dress.  I went to Mark Ingram in New York (who got a shoutout and cameo on Gossip Girl a few weeks ago.)  

I didn't have quite as much cleavage showing as this model from the Monique Lhuillier, but it was still pretty impressive in person.


Second, I can't say enough nice things about our florist, Jessy Wolvek from Fleurs in Brooklyn.  She endured the storm of the century to get the right flowers and honestly, if she hadn't been basically a mind reader, I would have had three bud vases with carnations on each table.  Because I think my conversations with her were like, "I like flowers....pretty ones."

You can see that she took my vague ramblings and made something beautiful through Vane from Brooklyn Bride's guest post at Design*Sponge.

Third, the beauty!!!  

What, you thought I would drown you in vendor listings and details about our wedding song and matching escort cards?

The makeup artist did a fabulous job.  Truly amazing.  As in, she covered the terrible zit that popped up and WOULD.  NOT.  GO.  AWAY.

She also used my Bobbi Brown lip colors (the Creamy Lipstick in Pink Ballet topped with lipgloss in Hot Pink) and used L'Oreal's Lash Out mascara in waterproof black.  It stayed put and, since she gave me the tube (bonus!) I used it throughout my honeymoon.  New favorite!!

So, in summary, the wedding was simply amazing.  And now I'm so ready to return to normal life.

Just wait 'til I tell you about our honeymoon in Buenos Aires!!

photos from Still Photography, Monique Lhuillier, and

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gift Bags!

I'm sorry for the radio silence lately. The truth is, I haven't had time to breathe or think, let alone blog.

I started a new job last week.

That's right, Uncle Sam no longer signs my paycheck. Sad, I know. But I will still have my hand in lots of Hill related things so I promise to continue to report from the frontlines of the government scene.

However, since I started this job two weeks before my wedding, it's fallen to my mother to do...well....pretty much everything lately.

And, while I know this isn't beauty related, I needed to recognize something that she did which I think is just the CUTEST THING EVER.

She ordered hospitality bags for our out of town guests from Favors You Keep. But not just any hospitality bags! SKYLINE bags!

And they arrived in a week!!!!

I know, holy exclamation marks, right? Sorry.

We have the New York skyline, because I'm getting married there (all together now, DUH) but the Washington skyline is adorable (includes the Capitol!) and they have designs for lots of cities.

So check them out, and I'll try to keep you up to date on all things beauty and wedding related - like the enormous zit I'm currently blessed with. Fan-freaking-tastic.