Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Getting Nailed for the Wedding

Choosing a nail polish color for my wedding turned out to be a more difficult process than I envisioned.

I sort of assumed that I could pick any of the pale Essie colors that I have come to know and love and call it a day.

But when I picked a dress that had a much warmer undertone than I was used to, I had to rethink many of my fave nail shades since they all have such a pink base that it would have looked weird against the dress.

And of course I just left it until the last minute when we held my bridal party manicure/pedicure session at the Townhouse Spa.  During a MONSOON.

After comparing and debating the pros and cons of about a thousand pale shades, I settled on Essie Ador-a-Ball for my fingers, and OPI Mimosas for Mr and Mrs for my toes.

The former is a milky sheer color with just a hint of pink, while the latter is a creamier more opaque shade with more of a beige undertone.  Both went perfectly with my dress and shoes, making my nails look sophisticated, but also not very noticeable.

The best part?  

My manicure was perfect until the day I returned from my honeymoon.

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