Thursday, May 22, 2008


Wouldn't that be an awesome name for a blister product?

Yeah, probably not.

Oh well.  While most of you were plowing through the breaking news from the Grey Lady about how chipped nail polish is NOT a faux pas if you are young, skinny and hip, I was looking at the article just below it.

Remember how...way back when...when I introduced you all to Body Glide, the magical gel that prevents blisters for marathoners, Tour de France riders and you in those new patent Nine West pumps?

No?  Let me refresh your memory....

Well, while the New York Times has high minded ideas that blister remedies should be used for hardcore hikers, I say "Eff that!"

I hike, dammit.  

I hike up the Hill from Rayburn to Cannon.  In heels.

In the test, Body Glide fared well, but the SAM Blist-o-Ban actually stopped one of the blisters from forming.  

I think I've got to get me some of this. 

Oh, and my nail polish is totally chipped.  I better start crash dieting and lying about my age, otherwise I'll never be able to pull this off.

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yuki said...

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Elsie said...
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Elsie said...

PS that hill is never-ending. Good for you