Thursday, May 29, 2008

Call Off the Suicide Watch

Well, I finally got to the bottom of the mystery of the vanishing Trish McEvoy perfume.

Yes, a few weeks ago I blogged that I had heard from numerous sources that the reason I couldn't find any of my beloved fragrance anywhere was that it was being discontinued.

A massive depression ensued.

I am particularly picky about perfume and it took me a really long time to find one that I liked, but also that didn't make my husband gag.

So, the news that it might be taken off the shelf permanently really hurt my soul.

But!  In a moment of dispair, I dug up the email address of a Trish McEvoy representative who had helped me track down a another one of her products.  I emailed her for the straight dope.

And lo and behold, she kicked it up the chain!  To Trish herself!

Blind faith that this actually went to Trish, but I'm willing to believe at this point.

So, the story is...the #4 perfume, Gardenia Musk has NOT been discontinued.  However, it is being reformulated to be longer lasting and that is the reason for the dearth of stock in stores.


Now, in a few fortnights/months/congressional terms/years if it hasn't reappeared on store shelves, I could be crying foul, but for now I'm happy to believe that it's coming back and will be better than ever!

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