Thursday, December 31, 2009

On the Topic of Dressing for New Years Eve

New Years Eve is kind of like prom for grown-ups.

In the same way that it has somehow become acceptable to dress like a bumble bee/hooker on Halloween, it has become equally a part of our culture that on New Years Eve, we put on fancy dresses with sparkles, go out to drink our weight in Korbel, and snog some rando.

(I, for one, kind of loathe NYE. I mean, it's an amateur night like St. Patrick's day or Cinco de Mayo. I consider myself to be a professional level boozer)

However, I am a sucker for an occasion to wear a party dress.

So...if you are sitting at your desk in a totally silent office building contemplating getting a new outfit, here are five tips for finding something worthy of a night like tonight:

First, don't spend a crazy amount of money. Seriously. It's one night. It's not your wedding, or even your real prom. I highly recommend the stylings of H&M or Forever 21 for this kind of endeavor for this very reason. Do not go to Neimans, do not stop at Intermix, do not spend $200. Seriously.

Second, throw caution to the wind. (The icy icy wind) NYE is one of those nights when you can get away with being overdressed, like on your birthday. You can totally pretend that you have some other fancy party awaiting you later in the night while you toss back Kamikaze shots in your spangled strapless minidress and elbow length gloves at Stetson's.

Third, maybe wear white. I know. White. It's usually a disaster. And if you are the kind of girl who drinks cosmos or cape codders or midori sours or whatnot, ignore this one. But! Consider putting down your sugarbomb in an up glass and think about it. You can NEVER wear a white fun party dress. You can't get away with it while attending a wedding (if you are balking at this one, I swear I'm going to come kick you in the shins) and few other occasions call for a fancy dress. So, if you are like me and bought an adorable white and silver dress for after my wedding and then never got to wear it again...bust it out tonight. Just remember that vodka tonics look clear, but they glow under a black light. I'm just saying. It's science.

Fourth, consider the sparkles. By this, I mean, go for glitter over shine. There is a lot of ill-advised satin in the store windows at this time of year. Believe me, I know. I walk through Georgetown every day. I know the retailers of America are trying to lure you with the siren song of a shiny satin tube dress, but resist! When you see those pictures where a flash has combined evil forces with the satin to add about 8 lbs to your frame, you will regret it.

Five, don't buy anything. I mean it. Go to your drawer and pull out a basic black top to pair with jeans, or a little black cocktail dress. Now, pull out a ton of jewelry, preferably necklaces or bracelets. I mean really pile it on. Mix metals. Pair pearls with chains. Presto. Outfit.

Ok, so! Go forth! Celebrate! Happy New Year! Just make sure there is no lipstick on your teeth.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Tale of the Boots

Would you like to hear a story with a happy ending? A modern day fairy tale, as it were?

Pull up a chair.

Once upon a time (a few weeks ago) in a lard far far away (midtown Manhattan), I was escorting a cousin from out of town to meet a potential internship coordinator. For my services, I was promised lunch at the brand new Momofuku restaurant, Ma Peche. While we waited in the lobby, I noticed another young woman approaching the guards to sign in.

She was wearing black leggings, long layered cotton t-shirts, a short lightweight jacket, an Hermes scarf and carrying a white Chanel tote bag. In short, she looked the way I do when I have those fantasies when I'm tall and rich and perfect.

She was also sporting a KILLER pair of over the knee flat boots.

Now, a sidebar.

Over the knee boots are so hot right now. Actually, they are hott. Or hawt. Whatevs.

Now, I can pretty much guarantee that the first thing that springs to any one's mind when they think about over the knee boots is "hooker." Like if we were playing free association on a Saturday night while drinking hot toddys or whatnot and I say, "over the knee boots," you say, "hooker."

This acute association phenomenon is known as the "I saw Pretty Woman" syndrome. In that classic film, Julia Roberts spends the better part of the movie sporting what amounts to a large tube sock and black patent leather knee high boots.

I won't bore you with the details of the plot...oh, seriously, who am I kidding? If you read this blog, you've seen this movie at least 400 times and are currently humming, "Wild Women Do" wondering why I would even feel the need to explain any of this.

Either that or you are under the age of FIFTEEN which is the age at which my mother-imposed embargo on watching Pretty Woman expired in a blaze of rebellion by watching it on VHS at my friend's house.

So, right. Over the knee boots equal slutty. That was the point there.

But now they are everywhere!! And normal, non-hookers-without-hearts-of-gold are wearing them!

I was intrigued by this trend sweeping the nation (not really) but set some ground rules.

OTK boots must not be too expensive. Because really? These are lovely, but I don't think my husband would ever forgive me if I spent the current contents of our checking account on a pair of boots, even if they do make me look like a hooker. For me, "not too expensive" equates to roughly "not more than I would spend on a trendy pair of knee high boots."

OTK boots must not cause "muffin top of the thigh." I mean, danger Will Robinson! It's a sausage casing around the meatiest part of your leg. I'm sure there are some readers out there who have perfect, slim thighs and can pull off any pair of boots. Well, to you I say, pfffffffffftttttttttt (raspberry sound). Shut up, go be perfect elsewhere. The rest of us must suffer through trying on every pair possible to find the one that does not make us look a lollipop.

OTK boots should be flat. For the normal peeps in the house, the high heel only accentuates the "lady of the evening" connotations and makes them less versatile. Because how many situations in DC call for that kind of boot? Besides visiting with David Vitter? Exactly.

Alright, back to the story.

So, here I was, just mesmerized by this girl who seemed to be pulling off these OTK boots perfectly. I studied the boots...there was a zipper in the inner calf, but it didn't go all the way up. There was a gap in the OTK part, but with a buckle. I went super Encyclopedia Brown on her ass.

When i got home a few days later, the boots were still haunting my dreams. I started to sleuth the interwebs, assuming that I would find the boots were Prada, Chanel, Loub, etc and were way out of my price range and give up. However, a search of Neimans, Barney's and Bergdorfs turn up nothing even close to similar.

So, I turned to Shop Style.

And the clouds parted. And the music swelled. And I saw the boots.

The Matisse Buccaneer boot.

And they were under $300.

I think I passed out at this point.

I could have ordered them online, but an impending trip to New York for Thanksgiving allowed me to postpone and actually try them on. I really assumed that I would try them on, they would be too tight, and I could get on with my life. But they weren't. They looked amazing.

And better yet? The OTK part folds down, making them simply a nice pair of knee high flat boots. Even suitable for the office.

Now I know I passed out.

And now they are mine!!!

And we lived happily ever after....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

NARS Holiday 2009

Holiday collection photos are filling my inbox, and, honestly, the weather outside is making that not seem totally ridonculous.

NARS has some super sweet items in the collection, including a deep red lip pencil in Pop Life and shadow pencils in Aigle Noir, a deep black with gold flecks.


The Holiday 2009 collection is currently available at

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Apparently, I Need New Parents

I'm super picky about perfume. Mostly, I just don't like them.

I think most are too cloying, or too musky, or just plain gag worthy.

I've found one or two that I like, but I approach most fragrances like men approach a woman crying...slowly, with great trepidation and with the expectation that you are totally going to regret this moment for at least a week.

So, when I received the new YSL fragrance, Parisienne, I was seduced by the lovely pictures of Kate Moss looking fab in a leather bustier and the simple but chic egg shaped bottle. Also, the press release kept talking about how Paris adopts you!

What could be better!?! I mean, besides Daddy Warbucks adopting you.


I spritzed a little on before a night out in the pouring rain, still not feeling like Ms. Moss over there. Once the alcohol smell burned off, the scent was pleasant. Light, somewhat sweet and floral.

Not bad!

So, Paris didn't take me home and show me my new bedroom in the Palais Royal or whatnot, but at least I have a new scent that doesn't make me or my husband gag. Which is nice...

This product was provided to me free through the Total Beauty Sneak Peek program.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FW First Anniversary Party

I went.

I saw.

I drank at least one too many mojitos.

Yup, Fashion Washington, the Washington Post quarterly fashion publication, had it's first anniversary party and I swear I haven't been to a birthday party that great since that one in third grade at the ice skating rink in Yonkers.

It was crazy! We skated...I wore a skirt. We got hot chocolate AND soft pretzels. Pretty hard to top.

Held at totes amazing new space Masa 14, this party was kicking from moment one. First of all, The Sartorialist was there!!! Scott Schuman was there signing books and looking generally sharper than sharp.

PS Typing "Sartorialist" on an iPhone into Twitter after two drinks with one hand? The next Olympic sport.

I got a chance to hang with the ever hip Brightest Young Things who were stopping in for a quick sec while prepping for their comedy festival. Among the others in attendance? Project Beltway, DC Concierge, Ms. Spinach, La Rue Neuve, Capitol Hill Style and many more.

I also met some awesome people in and around DC and I have to say, I'm very proud of everyone. People looked amazing. I mean, I'm sure everyone thought I was looking for a better conversation because I kept scoping out those around me, but I really just wanted to see what everyone is wearing! I swear, I heard every word.

So, happy anniversary Fashion Washington! Be sure to check out pictures on their blog and on Brightest Young Things later today...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dressing For Work: The Carryall Dilemma

Once you move beyond the basics for work (clothes, shoes, college degree, etc.) and move into the more challenging decisions like whether to hang personal pictures in your cube and what bag to carry, things get tricky.

When I was a government staffer, most of the meetings I attended were in the building, so I could easily sashay in with a notebook, a pen and Blackberry in tote and look professional. When I moved to the dark side (registered lobbyist), I realized that I would be running from House side to Senate side, to other associations, to PAC events, etc and I needed more than a simple notebook.

After cycling through several bags, I found that there are certain things you need to look for.

Not too big, not too small.

Also known as the Goldilocks Theorem. You need a bag big enough to carry all the crap you need to do your job (post to come) but small enough that you don't smack into people in a crowded hearing room like a drunk girl wearing fairy wings on Halloween. You also want to make sure that you can slide your bag under a seat at a briefing and not be a fire hazard if it sits next to your chair at a meeting.

Something in the neighborhood of 15 inches tall and 11 inches wide seems to work well, although it varies by your height. Also, keep in mind that this does not include shoulder straps, which brings me to...

Think about the coats!

If you are looking for a bag for winter, make sure you bring your heaviest coat for trying on. Even if it's in the middle of summer. You want it to fit comfortably over your shoulder and snug enough to clasp with your elbow on the Metro or whatnot.

Color Me Interesting.

Perhaps surprisingly, I'm not a huge fan of the black bag. When I buy a bag, I want to be able to grab it and go, no matter what I'm wearing and I find that black actually clashes more with my wardrobe than brown, navy, yellow, etc. I also think black looks a little harsh sometimes. There is a girl in my office who carries a green hobo that looks fab and I'm just totally in love with navy.

It's What's on the Inside that Counts

Pockets. Look for pockets. This is the main reason I would never recommend a Longchamp Pliage for work. Imagine you are at a hearing and need to discreetly reach down and grab a pen, your blackberry, a business card, whatevs. And you are sitting behind the witness and you are SURE you are on CSPAN. Now, you definitely do NOT want to haul your bag onto your lap and go digging around in there for what you need. With practice, you can nab your essentials without looking down if they are properly secured in a side pocket. Provided that you have them...


Make sure your bag actually closes. And opens. Easily and quickly. I once tried a bag that didn't *quite* close when filled to capacity and I spent several months going to meetings totally embarrassed that people could see my bottle of advil, tampax, Safeway receipts for said advil and tampax etc. if the bag bent the wrong way and the magnetic closure released. I can't imagine how many important things I missed at hearings trying to prevent the lobbyist next to me from reading my CVS Extra Care Card number in my purse. I was also tired of the Capitol Police snickering at me every time stuff spilled out onto the x-ray belt.

You also want to be sure that said bag closes swiftly and easily. You don't want to waste those precious minutes between when the meeting ends and the handshakes and cards are exchanged struggling to close up your bag. No one likes a straggler.

Don't Scrimp.

Look, I completely understand that very few people are able to really shell out for a work bag. But let me make the case for buying the best bag you can afford.

First, you are going to be carrying this every single week day. And most weekends if you choose carefully. Break down the price into cost per wear and you see how that starts to not sounds totally outrageous.

Second, I know it's awful, but people judge you on your bag. Men spend a crap ton of money on a briefcase, you should treat yourself similarly. It makes a difference when you walk into a meeting looking put together and sleek, and the right bag helps that happen. Those weeks I spent struggling to contain my purse? Not my finest at work. I'm just saying.

Third, a good looking bag elevates any outfit. If you carry a good looking bag, the rest of your wardrobe, even if totally neutral and basic can look rich and sophisticated.

So, in summation, it's not about dropping a ton of cash, but really making sure you are buying the best you can afford.

Your boss will thank you.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Dressing for Work: The Advanced Series

I've started and deleted about seven entries on work to dress for work, particularly in our nation's Capitol, mostly because I think there are others who have covered the subject far better than I.

Thus, in the interest of not being totally derivative, I'm starting an advanced series on dressing for work and the tools to help you stay looking good while running the world.

Covered Topics: How to Pick the Perfect Work Bag, What to Keep in Said Perfect Work Bag to Keep You Looking Good and Prepared for Work, How to Dress for Various Important Work Functions, How to Restyle Your Three Suits Without Letting Your Boss Know You Only Own Three Suits.

Not covered: Avoiding Very Long Titles and Overuse of Capitalization

Required Reading: Capitol Hill Style's A Guide to Capitol Hill Intern Style

Ok? Posts to follow!

Also, no cellphones allowed in class.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Certain...I Don't Know What

As I've explained about a thousand times before, I'm somewhat of a francophile. Not that this is uncommon, but I've spent countless hours poring over the photos of Garance Dore's blog and Charlotte Gainsbourg and trying to decipher the keys to their style.

The only problem?

I have a pretty quintessentially American look. Actually, the best I ever did when I lived in France was passing for British or Canadian.

But that never stops me from trying.

Lately, I've been obsessed with the no makeup-bright red lip look that is totally le dernier cri right now. So, one bright early September afternoon, I enlisted the help of the staff at MAC, thinking if anyone has a perfect red lipstick, it would be MAC.

(I think it was the shock of the end of recess. It makes me do some crazy stuff.)

My first try, I stopped in the store in Georgetown and explained to the makeup artist what I was looking for and explained that I am typically a pretty pink gloss kind of girl. She nodded empathetically and began pulling from the counters.

She explained, over my protests, that lipliner was essential for the red lip and lined away. She topped it off with Ladybug, an entry level red that goes on sheerly.

I walked out of the store feeling like everyone on M Street was staring at me trying to figure out what kind of drugs I was on.

It was bold, but pretty. Then I noticed that as it faded, it look on an orangey tinge that left me feeling a little more Eastern European-pre fall of the wall than French glamour girl.

So, last weekend in San Diego, I popped into the MAC store in the Gaslamp and tried again.

This time, I went bolder and picked Ruby Woo, a deep matte red. Apparently it's a fave of Dita Von Teese (and let's just say it's going to be the only trait we share). It definitely requires more maintenance than my swipe of gloss, but I can certainly say that I turned heads in the good way.

In my one night wearing red lipstick, here is what I learned:

-Make sure you moisturized your lips. Chapped and flaked makes you look like you stopped dancing at the Lido in 1962 and never washed your face.

-Seriously, make sure you keep the rest of your face bare.

-Excuse yourself seductively to go to the bathroom to touch up. You'll definitely need to, but it also just seems to keep the illusion of mystery and glamour alive.

-You will want to draw attention to your lips, but try not to overdo it with the straws and champagne glasses, or then you'll REALLY have to excuse yourself a lot.

-Tip well at restaurants, you just ruined their white cloth napkins.

-Air kiss.

So, next time I'm in Paris, I can pass for Belgian.'s step above being called a Canadian from them.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

When Worlds Collide - An Editorial Policy Statement

I don't like to get into specifics about my *real* job for obvious reasons (snoozefest!)(also, laughed out of office!)(also, fired!) but Monday, my worlds collided.

The Federal Trade Commission released revised guidelines governing endorsements and testimonials which covers, among other things, bloggers.

So, I thought I'd take a sec out of my regular blogging programming to fill you in on my editorial policy.

Paid Endorsements: I don't accept payment for anything I write. There are no sponsored posts and I do not get paid to endorse or write about anything on this blog.

Advertisements: Currently, I do not have any paid ads on my site. I think. Well, I certainly don't get any money for any ads that are on my site.

Products: Approximately 76% of what I write on this blog is true and are my own experiences. The other 24% is comprised of press information, things I have heard from other bloggers or read in magazines, or lies I tell you to cover up what a bumbling idiot I can be sometimes.

I know, right? I already seem like a a total spaz, how could it be worse, you ask? Oh, you just haven't met me in person. TOTAL. SPAZ.

Now, I always try to let you know when something here is not me-generated. Trust me, it will look like a press release. I am well versed in the art of cutting and pasting.

I will always say that I read about something somewhere and it sounded cool, but I haven't tried it. Sometimes I say I want to buy something but then don't, mostly because I get lazy and forget, other times because I realize that my husband would get mad at me if I squandered our rent money on nail polish and curling irons.

Here's where it gets sticky: free products.

Bottom line, I get them.

And I write about them.

But I never say that I bought something I didn't and I would never feel obligated to write something nice if it weren't true and I don't write about something I don't want to tell all of you about.

To be totally honest, most of time, I just buy the stuff myself. If I want it, I just go get it. Mostly because I just get impatient. Hell, I can barely order stuff online because the instant gratification factor is so low.

In light of the new guidelines, from now on, I will add a clear disclaimer to any post about a freebie product to indicate that I received it for free.

As a lawyer and someone who makes a living working on regulations, I could engage in a long debate as to whether the FTC rules appropriately balance the speech interests of bloggers with the need to protect the public from false and misleading testimonials. I think there are some serious concerns (I mean, seriously? Do magazine editors have to disclose that they haven't paid for a beauty product since the dawn of time?) but I will comply.

As a fickle and temperamental person, I reserve the right to change this policy if the need arises.

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Delightful Solution

I've always been something of a Francophile.

I took French in high school and college, spent a semester in Paris, the whole nine.

And I've always been obsessed with French beauty products. I love the way the French women look so undone, yet put-together. Like the just walk out the door looking like they do, with zero effort. But given my high maintenance tendencies, I was more than a little afraid to take the plunge and buy stuff.

So, the last time I got a hair cut, my stylist recommended that I take immediate action to staunch some dry ends I've been having and suggested Phyto 7 as a leave-in conditioner.

I flat out RAN to the store to pick it up. And I've been using it ever since.

I rub a tiny bit on damp hair and either let it air dry or use the blowdryer and it really makes a difference. My hair is soft and shiny. I've actually liked the way my hair looks just air dried.

And I never like the way my hair looks air dried.

I feel very Gallic. And I save about 20 minutes in the morning. Maybe that's the real secret.

More sleep.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What, You Were Going to Work?

Wondering how to pick the right booties?

Curious about what gauge knit is in this fall?

Just baffled on how to pair your eggplant tights with tweed jackets?

Want to know how to turn three suits into 21 outfits for the epic healthcare markups?

Well, fret no more!

Tomorrow (Friday, September 25th) at noon, join the editors of Fashion Washington Jennifer Barger and Betsy Lowther will be on hand to answer all your burning questions on fall fashion during their live chat.

Hit up this link tomorrow at noon and get expert answers to all your questions:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gossip Girl: Reversals of Fortune

Ha! You thought I forgot? No! I'm just late.

It's a new fall people. And Serena's boobs have learned nothing over the summer.

But this Alice + Olivia dress on Blair? So cute! The weird role playing games with Chuck? Not so cute. Summer can be boring though.

The Burberry Prorsum coat worn as a dress? Fab! Chuck's newly thick hair? Uh-mazing.

Oh. And Serena wore this Creamsicle Notte by Marchesa dress. Wohn, wohn, woooohhhhnnn.

Also, why is she kissing Blair's boyfriend?

But then! Blair wore this cute Walter dress and Louise Green hat! And all was right in the world.

And a few more things....Nate's bizarro Romeo & Juliet subplot with that CW village bicycle?

No good.

Little J and her Twihard look?



As you are. You rock.

Next week! College! NYU! So much to make fun of!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Wanna Buy A Bridge Too?

There are some products in the makeup industry that I truly believe are just hocus pocus.

Clear mascara? Hair gel for your lashes.

Under eye creams that claim to get rid of dark circles? Take it from the daughter of a plastic surgeon, sure, I also know of a sugar-free fat-free ice cream that tastes as good as Ben & Jerry's.

Primers? Honestly, I've never been a big fan.

I'm sure that some people are going to cry foul. That they help makeup go on smoother, more evenly, and use less product.

But to me, it's always just been an extra layer of stuff that doesn't do a whole lot. Very Emperor's New Clothes.

So, when a Trish McEvoy sales rep sat me down on a day I was feeling particularly ornery and started regaling me with how FABULOUS their Eye Base Essentials primer was, my bullshit meter went wild.

But the thing was, it was FABULOUS. Not really because of its "priming" ability, but as a basic everyday shadow.

I tried the Sheer Gold, and by itself it is a great once over base when I am just too terribly lazy to do anything else. A little in the corner of the eyes lightens everything up and makes me look far more awake. I am working my way through the tube at what is, frankly, an alarming pace.

It does make a good base for additional shadows, but I usually just use it alone.

So...I still stick to my maxim that primers aren't worth it, but a primer that is really just a great cream shadow? I'll buy into that.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nailed to the Wall

It was one of those hot summer days after work and I was store hopping in Georgetown.

Not out of any real shopping need, mostly because there was free air conditioning and the mall-like layout of M Street allows me to cool off twice or three times a block on my way home.

Of course, if browsing happens, I just go with it.

In Sephora, I skimmed over the usual array of tweens prepping for a night out and fanny packed tourists until the OPI line caught my eye.

I was smitten by two totally different collections.

First, the Digital Diva collection stunned me with the bright fuschia pinks and corals.  I was envisioning toes painted bright pink peeking out of tough open toe shooties.  It was like summer throwing one last big "eff you"to the advancing cold season.

Second, the Autumn & Eve Collection.  The main one that called my name was the dark purple.  It said, take me home!!  Wear me on the Hill!  I will make boring hearings better!  I will get health care reform passed!  Yes, friends.  This is the miracle nail polish.

The beige was pretty cool too.  

My main problem?  I hate buying nail polish.  I like getting manicures and getting a different color every time.  What's a girl to do?

After all, health care reform seems to depend on it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

They Sparkle?

In which I reveal how deeply behind the times I am...

Confession time.

I totally don't get the vampire boomlet.

When the hubub about the Twilight saga coming to an end, I had to resort to much internet googling and legal research skillz to figure out who this Edward person was and how sexy he is and why thirteen-year-olds all over were hoping someone would suck their blood.
Imagine how disappointed I was to learn that the whole thing was an allegory for abstinence.

But...from every perplexing teen trend can come some beauty.  

(ok, that's totally not true.  I can find no silver lining to the Hannah Montana cloud.)

Glamour Magazine put the stars of the upcoming Twilight Saga movie in a great photo spread for September.

And they mercifully leave out the sparkly faces.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Trust Me, I'm a...

I have a good friend who is going on her third year as an OB/GYN resident.  In case you haven't been watching "16 and Pregnant" or "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" or any other baby shows, you know that babies aren't usually born when it is convenient for the doctor.  This means lots of late nights and little sleep for the residents who deliver them.

On a rare day off for her, we sat at her pool and she revealed that she was simply desperate for something to cover the dark circles that residency hath wrought.

Now, I can't give advice on how to deliver a breech baby or how to improve bedside manner, but under-eye circles?  Come into my office and sit down!

First, I told her, you need a good concealer.  Now, I have always heard nothing but praise for the Cle de Peau product, but at $65 a tube, a little out of a GME-funded budget and there are lots of options that won't require moonlighting.  

My current favorite is MAC Select Moisturecover and I like that MAC has several coverage options and lots of colors.  Another good brand with options is Clinique, and I went through a Quick Corrector phase that lasted through law school.

The next option is a brightener, to lighten up the area under the eye and distract from the darkness.  Now, every makeup artist worth her brushes will tell you that the best product for this is the YSL Touche Eclat.  I love that it comes with a brush attached for easy application (perhaps in a call room?).  

Another, less expensive option, is Bobbi Brown's Corrector.  Functioning on the same principles of color correcting, it neutralizes the dark circles and works with concealer to make it look like you've gotten more than an hour of sleep.  (P.S. check out Bobbi's newly resigned website and Twitter feed!)

And my last tip and for faking a well rested look?  Since I'm guessing a change of profession isn't an option...a bright cheery blush and a clean application of black mascara.

But don't call me in the morning, I need my beauty sleep.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Share and Share Alike

A few weeks ago, my sister came down from New York to visit me.

And, as has become ritual, the second she comes in, she starts to tear through my closet and makeup drawer looking for things to play with and abscond with.

Thankfully, I had just gotten a delivery of L'Oreal HIP Color Presso lip gloss in two colors which my sister immediately seized upon.  

The Color Presso lipgloss reminds me a lot of Mentadent Toothpaste from the 90's.  The main problem with that product was that you always got more of one type of paste than the other.  The problem continues with the Color Presso, but it does allow you to customize the color of the lip gloss.

So, as my husband played Wii with my sister's boyfriend, we took turns trying on the two lip glosses in Trendy and Swanky.  We both agreed that we liked the candyish smell and the light texture of the glosses.  We also appreciate the relatively non-sticky-ness.

(Relatively.  The claim that any lip gloss is nonsticky is a lie on the order with "non-painful bikini wax")

Since I had already had time to try them out, I knew my favorite was the Trendy, a combo of a light pink and a rose color.  So I breathed a sigh of relief when my sister settled on the Swanky, a gold and pink duo.  

I mean, she's my sister and I'm happy to share...but not really.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

NARS Sheer Matte and Sheer Glow Foundation

I have been faithful to my Kiehl's Tinted Moisturizer for a while, but have been thinking about upgrading my coverage to a full foundation.  When I go, I will definitely check out these new NARS foundations...


While transparent enough to allow skin’s natural hue to remain visible, it is still matte at heart, which means weightless, luster-free coverage. This velvety oil-free formula boosts brightness and radiance, improving skins texture. Packaged in a stylish frosted bottle, it distinguishes itself from its Sheer Glow counterpart.


An ideal solution for those looking for a foundation that is more dewy than Sheer Matte. The formula glides on easily and imparts a satin-soft, glowing finish. Skin will even-out and gleam with overall brightness; radiance and sleek texture will be restored.

Available in 20 shades, Sheer Matte and Sheer Glow, will be available at Nordstrom beginning August 1st and on beginning September 1st.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Plain White Tees

I'm not sure if it was born of simply finding what works for me or just sheer laziness, but this morning I realized that the outfit I was wearing had rapidly become a "uniform" for me.

Pencil skirt.

White tee shirt.

Statement-y necklace.


Cardigan. (my office is freezing!)

It has all the elements to fit the mold for a summer uniform. It's dressy enough for the office and for an occasional meeting, but comfortable enough for drinks afterwards with non-work folk.

But for me, the key to making it look pretty instead of sloppy was the right tee shirt wardrobe. And believe you me! It took some work to finding the right ones. I tried on ones from J. Crew, Forever 21, American Apparel, Gap, etc. And what I found is that they are not all created equal. Some are so thin as to be see-though. Some are too long. Some are belly-button baring. Some are too thick, ok, whatever, you get the point.

So you can avoid the search yourself, see my top three picks below...


Definitely the priciest of the bunch and perhaps jumps outside the tee shirt category, but an essential, especially in prepster-dominated DC. Just please, keep your collar down.

American Apparel Deep V Neck

My current obsession. The cotton is soft and thin from day one, and it's gotten better with washing. The deep V neck is slightly sexy, but not obscene. The sleeve is a little on the long side, making it slightly androgynous. Which is cool. Or at least that's what the American Apparel ads tell me.

Petit Bateau

An oldie but a goodie. I stocked up on these puppies when I lived in France and the exchange rate was favorable. Oh yeah, BEFORE THE EURO. That's right, I've had my stash of these since 1999. That shiz is durable. They are made from a thicker gauge cotton and the crew necks have a little rickrack trim that elevate it to work appropriate status. They are also fitted, but not tight. A key distinction.

So, go forth and clothe my good friends. White tees are staples, even if you haven't settled into a style rut like me...oops, I mean, uniform.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Laying Down the Law

So, that Internet.

It's a wild world out there filled with crazies and pervies.

While I do love twitter for constant updates from some awesome people, I don't love it for the creepy stuff from the unknown weirdos.

Therefore, I'm announcing a policy for my twitter and reserve the right to change at any time, at my own whim, etc.

(It's the lawyer in me)

If you follow me, congrats! You've just made a great decision and your life will now be complete with updates about fugliness on the street, my foibles in life and alerts about sales...probably in Georgetown.

I understand your choice to keep your twitter feed private instead of public. You are not Chuck Grassley and do not need everyone in the world to know what you think about Obama eating dinner instead of fixing the economy.

Wait...ARE you Chuck Grassley? Then get back to fixing health care! And dude, moisturizer. For realz.

Anyhoo. If you choose to block your twitter and follow me, I will request to follow you. If you don't comply, I reserve the right to block you.

That's the way the cookie crumbles, folks.

Also, if you are creepy and post stuff that makes my skin crawl, I might block you too.

But seriously, follow me!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Gossip Girl: Seder Anything

This episode began with a Ralph Lauren attired dream sequence inspired by My Fair Lady.

Seriously, if anyone under the age of 15 who watches this show isn't getting an education on the complete works of Audrey Hepurn, well, they are not paying attention and should just concentrate on school or some other useless skill.

At least Man-Bangs up there slicked them back in her dream. Dig the ascot, bro.

In a far less anachronistic setting, Blair gets ready for school in a silk D&G blouse. WANT.

I'd also like to think of this episode as the clash between WASP culture and Jewish culture in NY society, but I don't really think there is that kind of subtext here.

So, I prefer to think about Blair's D&G printed halter dress.
Mmm, yes. That's much better. Thinking makes my head hurt. Probably just like Serena's.

Until the next recap....stay classy and keep your bangs out of your eyes.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Gossip Girl: Remains of the J

(desperately trying to catch up on my Gossip Girl posts)

This episode revolved around Jenny. Which means that it was TERRIBLY boring and frought with bizarre class controversies and social hierarchy.

Well, there will be no mention of Jenny's bang-mullet or whore eyes here.

But! They covered Serena's boobs!

With this gold Phillip Lim Racerback tank. Wow. She actually looks mildly age appropriate.

But, once again, Blair's outfits take the cake. First, in this Milly back bow shift (currently unavailable on the interwebs except ebay.)

Then in this DVF Little Ann dress in blue (altered for straplessness) and a gorge necklace of unknown origin.

Later, for a bizarre scene which melds the worst of Catcher in the Rye, Sleepless in Seattle, and Romeo and Juliet, Blair berets it up with a fab pair of Sperry Top-Sider Pelican Wedge Sadie Rubber Boots.

I dare you to say that ten times fast.

Then, in a display of shockingly poor judgement befitting a teenager, she gets back together with Nate.

Right, let's move on, shall we?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hot N' Kohl

Don't you love my terrible cliche post titles? I'm like the cheesiest person ever.

Here's the thing.

I really wanted to like the L'Oreal HIP Kohl Eyeliner. Like, for realz, I wanted to like it.

The shadow itself was a great intense navy blue with shimmer and I was having all kinds of fantasies about my smoky eyes and whatnot. The applicator was interesting, basically a conical stick to which the loose powder sticks and then you apply it to your eyelids.


Let's just say it was a big FAIL.

Normally, when I go out with my husband, I'm given maybe ten minutes to apply makeup and if I start futzing around with a new product, let's just say the questions never end.

Men seem generally confused by makeup. Why is that? Every woman uses it. There are ads everywhere. Yet they still seem baffled by the fact that you have to put it on every day and take it off every night.

Anyways, I was going out with a girlfriend and decided it was the perfect time to try this out.

Let's just say it's a good thing I started early, because I got so much blue eyeshadow on my face it looked like I went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.

I actually had to wash my face and try again.

Eventually, I managed to get a nice smoky eye, but it involved many Q-tips, eye makeup remover, and a reapplication of blush. And I'm still not sure people didn't think I was secretly involved in a fight club.

So, bottom line?

Not worth the hassle. Although, being a suspected fight clubber is pretty badass.

Unless there is a secret to kohl liner that I was never taught in my school of beauty hard knocks.

Plus, don't even get me started on how confused my husband was when he saw blue sparkly powder all over the bathroom sink.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Be the Fudge: Battle of the Brownies

You know that time in the afternoon when your stomach feels particularly empty?

The grumblies take over and you begin to wander over to whatever interest group is having a reception in Rayburn (sure, my boss is interested in the National Association for Pencil Pushers who wear Green on Tuesdays!) and graze on the non-outside caterer crudites to stave off certain doom.

Then you see it.

A brownie.

It looks awesome, but once you grab it you realize that it is a chocolate looking triangle of not-worth-it.

Disgusted that you wasted the calories on that crumbly mess, you drown your sorrows in four glasses of white wine and wind up at home sitting on your couch eating toast with mustard for dinner.


(this had never happened to me. i swear.)

Bliss Spa, which realizes that you should waste your time on a brownie not worth the calories, is inviting DC to vote for the brownie supplier who gets the Royal Warrant.

The brownie squad will be stationed around town giving out samples! Voting is open now (I'm partial to Baked and Wired) and will continue until June 30th.

Vote early and often! Don't let anyone at a spa ingest a brownie of regret and shame.

Friday, June 12, 2009

For All the Dudes in the House

The following is a totally true story.

I arrived home one day to find one of those UPS "we tried to deliver a package, but you weren't home in the middle of the day because you have been working like crazy and don't live in a nice doorman building like your mom and dad wanted you to, so we'll just leave this message instead of the package so your crazy neighbors don't wank your stuff.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but yeah.  That happened."

Having not ordered anything, I asked my husband.  And he confirmed that he had been waiting for a package.  Assuming it was a new set of Family Guy DVDs or an Ovechkin jersey, I asked what it was.

"Ummm, just stuff.  Face wash.  You know, from Sephora."

At which point I almost hit the floor.

Yes, my darling manly non-aesthete husband spent one evening in my absence perusing and placing an order for men's cosmetics stuff on

But hey, who am I to judge?

So, the loot?  Zirh Wash Mild Face Wash.  And with Father's Day right around the corner, I offer it up as a suggestion for a gift!  Because, if my husband takes time out of his busy Stanley Cup Finals/NBA Finals/regular baseball schedule to wade through the eyeshadow filled website of Sephora, it must be good.

Also, here are some other Zirh products which he might like!

Show Face

Cleansing your skin is one of the first steps in any skincare regimen and ZIRH makes the experience a refreshing one with Clean, an alpha hydroxy face wash that cleanses skin without stripping it of necessary oils. For a deeper clean, Scrub is a gentle, aloe based exfoliator that works to remove surface dead skin cells to reveal newer, younger looking skin. Lastly, Refresh is an invigorating astringent that not only tones and cools skin but helps to reduce excess sebum.

Protect Skin With SPF

Protecting skin from the sun’s harmful rays is necessary for protecting a healthy complexion. ZIRH facial moisturizer Defend is light for everyday use and suitable for sensitive skin types. Defend contains an SPF 15 while also helping to maintain skin’s natural elasticity. For the ultimate lip protection with SPF 15, ZIRH Lip Balm is made with beeswax and natural oils to maintain a hydrated pout. Available in four flavors: Vanilla, Black Cherry, Peppermint and Unscented.

The Ultimate Shower Gear

Summer days require the need for a revitalizing shower and ZIRH has the perfect gear. ZIRH Warrior Shower Gel Collection features five gels based on ancient warriors – each offering a sexy, yet masculine scent. Try Julius Caesar – this blends citrus notes with sweet almond fruit extract.

The ZIRH Cocktail Bar Collection can make any shower a happy hour. A classic body bar with a fun twist! Each bar is formulated after a signature cocktail – whether he fancies a Long Island Iced Tea or a Sake Bomb, his skin will feel detoxified and nourished. The light scents and vibrant colors make the perfect summer body pairing.

Insert Obvious Bliss Joke Here


I'm Capitol Hill Barbie.  And I'm a bad blogger.

Yeah, but seriously?  Healthcare reform.  Oh, she is a cruel cruel bitch.

And very bad for the health of all the lobbyists in DC.

There are other reasons for my recent hiatus, a vacation, a massive project at work, generally just feeling yuck and not in the mood to write about beauty.

So, consider this my peace offering...


That's right chicas!  Almost three thousand feet of pure relaxation pampering awesomeness!

This summer!!!

And there will be brownies!  

(A total overuse of exclamation marks!!!)

Are you doing the Charlie Brown happy dance yet?  I am.

Check out Bliss World for a preview of the services and budget accordingly.  There is something about a 75 minute massage that sounds like it will be perfect after the week of July 27th.

more to come, I promise!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Bliss Out

That's right boys and girls, DC is finally getting its very own Bliss Spa.  I've had to endure my mother and sister brag for years about how they gave and got certificates for oxygen facials, Blissage, and the like while sticking out down here and buying my products at Blue Mercury.

(this isn't really tragic, but I have a bent for the overly dramatic in me.)

Well, Bliss is having a hiring spree (it includes some of the other vendors in the brand new W hotel as well).  It started yesterday, but goes until tomorrow, so stop by and apply!

What: Bliss Spa Hiring Spree at the W Hotel Talent Center

When: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, May 3-5, 10-6 pm each day

Where: W Hotel Talent Center, 3307 M Street NW in Georgetown (the former Staples space). The W Talent Center, designed to look (and even smell!) exactly like the W, is the hiring center for the W Hotel, Bliss Spa and Jean-Georges restaurant, J&G Steakhouse, that will all be opening this summer at 515 15th Street, NW; the new W will be the closest hotel to the White House when it opens this summer.

How: The talent team will be hiring for 30+ Bliss Spa jobs including licensed estheticians, massage therapists and nail technicians as well as guest service associates and spa attendants. Applicants must have valid license with them for positions that require (all but spa reception); on the spot interviews will be conducted!

This hiring program is in addition to the 200+ jobs that the W is hiring for the hotel and restaurant, ranging from mid-level “talent coaches”, Welcome and Whatever/Whenever and several F&B positions for J&G and destination rooftop bar, wine bar, and living room bar and banquets. Applicants that bring significant Wow with them need apply.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gossip Girl: The Grandfather

Ok, this episode was full of good outfits.  Even one from Serena that didn't show her pneumatic breasts.

Blair shopping in a Diane von Furstenberg trench coat.  Alas, people are a-wailing on the interwebs that it is sold out form the resort collection.

Serena's outfit here was nice.  Sparkly, but not as boobi-licious as usual.  Well played.

The top is 3.1 Philip Lim.

But the winner in this episode?  Blair's outfit at the party.

Dress by Herve Leger, cardigan by Joie.

Now, right after this episode aired, I got an email from my sister who said a friend had pleaded with her to find the necklace that Blair is wearing in this shot.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, I started searching.  But this was not easy.

My best guess is that it is actually two necklaces, a double strand of pearls intertwined with a nautical themed necklace.  I thought the necklace was Betsey Johnson's Nautical necklace, which apparently was also featured in Confessions of a Shopaholic.

However, more searching and better eyes than mine have pegged it as Tomassini.  While it's also unavailable, I like the idea of layering the necklaces.

Until next time...well, you know the drill.

Gossip Girl: Age of Dissonance

Ok, I can sum up the origin of the outfits in this episode in one word:  Marchesa.


Oh, and Nanette Lepore.

I can also sum up the plot in one word: 

Wait, no I can't.

Let's just be happy that this foray into Edith Wharton is a passing phase, although guessing by the other allusions (Lily and Bart together?) I feel the writers fancy themselves New York literary buffs.  

If they start swiping plot lines from Bright Lights Big City, I'm out of here.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Philosophic Question

If a Tweet goes out on the Internet, and no one is following it, does it really exist?

I guess we'll find out, because that's right kids...I've joined Twitter!!


In a fit of supreme ego, I decided that people might care to hear what I'm doing and/or wearing.

In 140 characters or less.

(Actually, I just decided if Joe Barton was twittering during a White House Summit on healthcare reform, it was high time I found out what the fuss was about.)

So!  I promise to keep my tweets beauty-fashion-shopping focused and let me know what you think!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Cutting Back

Like any good taskmaster, our Economy demands certain things from us.  Certain sacrifices.

Yes, I have anthropomorphized the economy.  What of it?

I like having a nice hand soap in the bathroom and had a particular obsession with Molton Brown's Naran Ji scent.

But as the Economy started thrashing in its death rattle, something about spending $25 on hand soap felt a little wrong.

Not cheating on your taxes wrong, but maybe swiping some pens from the office wrong.

So I searched for an alternative.

Something that would be pretty on the sink, have a light scent, but not cloying.

And I hit the nail on the head my first time out.

It smells awesome, is available at my local Whole Foods, and best of all, costs less than a complicated order at Starbucks.

Much better for These Economic Times.



Stop it with the footless tights!

I mean it!

That is all.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Just Another Day at the Office

A week or two ago, I was standing with two co-workers hotly debating some of the intricacies of healthcare reform.  Specifically, pharmacy benefit management.

Hot, right?

We came to a standstill in our conversation and one co-worker blurted out, "You have the most beautiful skin."

And I think I turned about eight shades of purple as my second co-worker agreed with her.

I'm not trying to brag, but the word "radiant" came up.  Oh, and "peaches and cream complexion."

Now, in an office where I desperately strive to over come the fact that I am not yet 30 (ugh!) and want people to take me seriously when I am talking Part D formularies (policy wonks, you feel me.), I was at a loss for words.

So, the first thing I thought of was to tell them that I was trying the new Olay Professional Pro-X skin care line.

The kit comes with the Age Repair Lotion with SPF 30, the Eye Restoration Complex, and the Wrinkle Smoothing Cream for nighttime.

The lotion is nice and light, and who doesn't love a little SPF?  The eye cream is nice, but I overdid it the first few weeks by putting it on both morning and night.  

Hey, I've never used an eye cream before!  I'm not even 30!  Cut me some beauty slack!

I can't say that I love the night cream, but the rest is pretty sweet.

So, I guess if you plan on erasing some of the stress lines caused by the call to finish a massive healthcare reform by the end of the year (what now?) get yourself some anti-aging goo!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Gave Up

I blame The Sartorialist.

I added it to my RSS feeder as a means of getting some new fashion inspiration during the great Gossip Girl drought of early 2009.  It features just the coolest, hippest dressers all over the world.  And while 99.99% of the outfits would never fly in, on or around me, I certainly appreciate the eye candy.

But after following the posts, you start to notice trends.  Lots of layers in dark colors, huge wrapped scarves, flood pants, turbans and one thing I noticed about many of the women was that they all wear shooties.

(yeah, that's right.  Shooties.  Shoe-booties.  Shooties)

And they look awesome.

But it was this picture that sealed the deal for me.

So...I started looking.  

And I started at the top, trying on a fantastic pair of Christian Louboutins.  While they looked good, they were light years away from what I was willing to pay for a trendy shoe that I'm not even sure I can pull off.

So, I kept looking and looking and looking.

Until I finally found them.  In Aldo.

Pretty kick-ass, yes?

They look crazy good with tights now that it's still chilly, also great bare-legged for warmer weather, they are comfortable and the best part?  Even my husband liked them.

Do you think The Sartorialist will take a few pics down here?  I'll layer up and grab my turban.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Know What They Say About Great Minds

I got to take a quick jaunt through L.A. last weekend.  It was just a 24 hour marathon visit tacked onto a business trip, just enough time to see two of my good girlfriends from college, Don Johnson, two actors from Heroes, and Vera Wang.

You know, the essentials.

It was great to catch up, but the weird coinkydink moment came when my friend, who I have written about before, met us for lunch and all I could do was stare at her nails.

They were a smooth grey with a hint of purple.  Darker than the color that I was crushing on this fall, but still totally chic.  And, I never found a light grey that met my specifications.

So, after we got through the niceties of how-are-you, how-is-work, significant-others-etc.  I couldn't contain myself any longer and I blurted out...What color is your nail polish?!?!

I mean seriously, you can't take me anywhere.  I have no social graces.

She looked a little taken aback (I mean literally, she had gotten through"work is goo-" before I jumped in) but said that she was shocked at how many comments she had gotten on it.  And that it was OPI by Sephora.

And I knew exactly which one she meant.

I know, because I have been to Sephora, oh, maybe 20 times to look at it.  It's the closest I've seen to what I want, but I was unable to pull the trigger and just buy the damn thing.  

Well, no longer!  Because my friend also said the magic phrase.  She told me that it was - nojoke- the best nail polish she's used.  No chips and going on 10 days.  Well, that seals the deal.  I plan on heading for that little bottle like a fricking heat-seeking missile or an intern for the cheese platter at a Rayburn reception.

Yeah, it's on.

After the nail polish issue was cleared up, I did get all the life scoop from my friend and catch up and everything.  I take this as reaffirmation that we are meant to be friends.

Oh, she also was carrying the bag I was about to buy last week.  Freaky, yes?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Welcome Back, Givhan

Holy Balzac people.

Surely a sign of These Fashion Times, Robin Givhan - columnist for the Washington Post, follower of MObama, critic at large, and general badass - will be relocating from New York to Washington sometime before summer begins.

Now, many of those in our Nation's capital who regularly read Givhan's column might be surprised to hear that the Washington Post employs a fashion critic/columnist who doesn't actually LIVE in WASHINGTON.  

Hell...I was.

But no, she lives closer to my parents than I have since high school.  So, as soon as she sells that 1BR prewar co-op on the Upper West Side, she'll be moving south of the Mason Dixon.  

Actually, this could take longer than she thinks.  Co-op boards can be a real pain in the you know what.  Someone better have some serious cash capital and a very quiet pet-slash-child.

Ostensibly, this is so she can keep a close eye on the First Family and their fashion plate ways, but I also think it's a sign of how far DC has come fashion-wise.

Yes, we still have girls roaming Georgetown in huge sweatpants tucked into Uggs and popped collar shirts (ps what is UP with that?  Gross.) and women in short sleeved shoulder padded suits in sneakers taking the metro to work.  And Lord only knows when people will STOP. WEARING. ACRYLIC. FRENCH. MANICURES.  PLEASE.  STOP. IT. HURTS. MY. EYES.

On the other hand, we have Hu's Wear and Relish, our very own little Ikrams.  We have Inga's and Remix, two very cool secondhand stores.  We have Target and their gorge spin off lines which is accessible by public transportation.

So, welcome Ms. Givhan!  But you are nuts if you think you can get decent food delivery under 45 minutes.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Future in PR Might be Short

Sulfates are totally the high-fructose corn syrup of the beauty world.

Yup, it's true.

Picture the ad now:

Scene in a beautiful Hamptons cottage, two women in yoga clothes chatting over coffee while orange juice and muffins sit idly by, uneaten.

Woman 1 (owner of the house): So, do you want to shower before we head out to meet the guys for brunch?

Woman 2 (her guest):  Well, sure.  But I forgot my shampoo back in the city.

Woman 1: Oh, just use mine, I don't mind.

Woman 2 (conspiratorily) :  But yours has sulfates in it.

Woman 1 (snottily): So?

Woman 2 (baffled): Well, you know what they say about sulfates!

Woman 1 (authoritatively): What?  That it's a kind of detergent and it gets my hair clean?

Woman 2 (broken): Ok, ok...  I guess I'll take that shower then!

Awkward frenemy laughter ensues.


I think I have a future on Mad Men.

Seriously though, there has been a lot of talk on the interwebs and in magazines about the dangers of sulfates, but not a lot of people know what they are or what the alternatives are.  

Well, the Beauty Brains does.

I, myself am hopelessly devoted to Pantene Pro-V, event though it is similarly maligned on the internet.  But, in the interest of being "trendy" and "natural," I gave L'Oreal's EverPure shampoo and conditioner a whirl.

It smells just like the Aveda Rosemary Mint products and lathers up nicely.  The main difference was that my hair felt heavier throughout the day.  Almost like day-after washing hair.  The smell lingers, which is nice, but I couldn't get past the heavy hair.

So, if you are really concerned about sulfates, or just love the Aveda smell without the trip to the salon, check out L'Oreal's EverPure line.

If not, just try to make your friends feel dumb by stumping them with the lines above.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gossip Girl: Carnal Knowledge

Long time no blog, right?

Let's just say I've been on strike as long as Gossip Girl has!  Well, not exactly.  Work has consumed my life much in the same way crappy plot lines and whiny pathetic teachers have consumed Gossip Girl.

At least the fashion is still good.

Nelly Yuki and Blair rock some sweet coats out on the school patio.  Nelly's is French Connection and Blair's is H&M, but neither seem to be available online anymore.

Following the theme of things not being available, Blair's cardigan is the Nanette Lepore Songstress.

For once in this show, Serena is all covered up and weather appropriate!  Sporting a Rag and Bone coat and DVF boots.  Also, sadly, not available online.


The lead time on the styling is getting a little absurd.

The bag is for sale...but it is north of three grand.  Oh.  My stomach turned just thinking about it.

Ahhh, finally, you can take all that moolah you saved not getting any of the aforementioned items and get Blair's Catherine Malandrino Floral Sleeve top.

Until next's to hoping the Kubrickian plot twists and irrelevant adults vacate premises.