Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Be the Fudge: Battle of the Brownies

You know that time in the afternoon when your stomach feels particularly empty?

The grumblies take over and you begin to wander over to whatever interest group is having a reception in Rayburn (sure, my boss is interested in the National Association for Pencil Pushers who wear Green on Tuesdays!) and graze on the non-outside caterer crudites to stave off certain doom.

Then you see it.

A brownie.

It looks awesome, but once you grab it you realize that it is a chocolate looking triangle of not-worth-it.

Disgusted that you wasted the calories on that crumbly mess, you drown your sorrows in four glasses of white wine and wind up at home sitting on your couch eating toast with mustard for dinner.


(this had never happened to me. i swear.)

Bliss Spa, which realizes that you should waste your time on a brownie not worth the calories, is inviting DC to vote for the brownie supplier who gets the Royal Warrant.

The brownie squad will be stationed around town giving out samples! Voting is open now (I'm partial to Baked and Wired) and will continue until June 30th.

Vote early and often! Don't let anyone at a spa ingest a brownie of regret and shame.

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