Friday, June 12, 2009

Insert Obvious Bliss Joke Here


I'm Capitol Hill Barbie.  And I'm a bad blogger.

Yeah, but seriously?  Healthcare reform.  Oh, she is a cruel cruel bitch.

And very bad for the health of all the lobbyists in DC.

There are other reasons for my recent hiatus, a vacation, a massive project at work, generally just feeling yuck and not in the mood to write about beauty.

So, consider this my peace offering...


That's right chicas!  Almost three thousand feet of pure relaxation pampering awesomeness!

This summer!!!

And there will be brownies!  

(A total overuse of exclamation marks!!!)

Are you doing the Charlie Brown happy dance yet?  I am.

Check out Bliss World for a preview of the services and budget accordingly.  There is something about a 75 minute massage that sounds like it will be perfect after the week of July 27th.

more to come, I promise!!


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