Monday, June 29, 2009

Gossip Girl: Seder Anything

This episode began with a Ralph Lauren attired dream sequence inspired by My Fair Lady.

Seriously, if anyone under the age of 15 who watches this show isn't getting an education on the complete works of Audrey Hepurn, well, they are not paying attention and should just concentrate on school or some other useless skill.

At least Man-Bangs up there slicked them back in her dream. Dig the ascot, bro.

In a far less anachronistic setting, Blair gets ready for school in a silk D&G blouse. WANT.

I'd also like to think of this episode as the clash between WASP culture and Jewish culture in NY society, but I don't really think there is that kind of subtext here.

So, I prefer to think about Blair's D&G printed halter dress.
Mmm, yes. That's much better. Thinking makes my head hurt. Probably just like Serena's.

Until the next recap....stay classy and keep your bangs out of your eyes.


Anonymous said...

Did you check out the Gossip Girl line coming out at Target?


So, Blair Waldorf is and will always be my favorite fictional character. She always looks amazing and beautiful and I live vicariously through that show and her wardrobe, haha. I'm green with envy, really. But I totally agree with your comment about Audrey (my idol) and the dress....and Serena, haha.

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