Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nailed to the Wall

It was one of those hot summer days after work and I was store hopping in Georgetown.

Not out of any real shopping need, mostly because there was free air conditioning and the mall-like layout of M Street allows me to cool off twice or three times a block on my way home.

Of course, if browsing happens, I just go with it.

In Sephora, I skimmed over the usual array of tweens prepping for a night out and fanny packed tourists until the OPI line caught my eye.

I was smitten by two totally different collections.

First, the Digital Diva collection stunned me with the bright fuschia pinks and corals.  I was envisioning toes painted bright pink peeking out of tough open toe shooties.  It was like summer throwing one last big "eff you"to the advancing cold season.

Second, the Autumn & Eve Collection.  The main one that called my name was the dark purple.  It said, take me home!!  Wear me on the Hill!  I will make boring hearings better!  I will get health care reform passed!  Yes, friends.  This is the miracle nail polish.

The beige was pretty cool too.  

My main problem?  I hate buying nail polish.  I like getting manicures and getting a different color every time.  What's a girl to do?

After all, health care reform seems to depend on it.


Christen said...

Definitely buy them. I purchased four different colors from the Digital Diva collection and LOVE them. Two coats and they last all week without chipping. I can't enough of them. However, I haven't seen the new collection yet but that dark purple looks divine. Will be stopping into Sephora tomorrow now! Thanks for the tip!

Belle said...

I purchased an OPI by Sephora product awhile back and wasn't crazy about the coverage. Didn't seem to be as thick as regular OPI.

J said...

I find that I sometimes go on nail polish-buying sprees where I buy 5-10 colors and am eager to start using them, but soon lose interest and only change my color when I get a manicure, hah.

Anonymous said...

Buy what you love and you can always have the salon paint it on for you!

Anonymous said...

I have my rare nail polish binges, too. I think the trick here is to have 3 or 4 shade families (pinks, reds, burgundies) and then mix and match within each group. Or get really creative and try weird combos across groups! The mixing can be as layers or actually pouring from one bottle to another.

Tawney--A Chichi Life said...

The Digital Diva collection definitely deserves to be seen into the fall. How can anyone resist the colors? But of course I can understand the appeal of Autumn & Eve...great colors to welcome the season.

Miss Muddy Paws said...

I've found when you own enough you have a large selection to pick from when it is manicure time! I love those colors... I think I'll be popping over to Georgetown on my lunch break!

Sas said...

Buy it. I've wore a similar color, Lincoln Park After Dark, for two years now, and it always looks great. The dark purple is a great alternative to black--especially if your skin is fair like mine. (Link to LPAD:

luminess said...

I wanna purchases this one. So lovely.