Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Share and Share Alike

A few weeks ago, my sister came down from New York to visit me.

And, as has become ritual, the second she comes in, she starts to tear through my closet and makeup drawer looking for things to play with and abscond with.

Thankfully, I had just gotten a delivery of L'Oreal HIP Color Presso lip gloss in two colors which my sister immediately seized upon.  

The Color Presso lipgloss reminds me a lot of Mentadent Toothpaste from the 90's.  The main problem with that product was that you always got more of one type of paste than the other.  The problem continues with the Color Presso, but it does allow you to customize the color of the lip gloss.

So, as my husband played Wii with my sister's boyfriend, we took turns trying on the two lip glosses in Trendy and Swanky.  We both agreed that we liked the candyish smell and the light texture of the glosses.  We also appreciate the relatively non-sticky-ness.

(Relatively.  The claim that any lip gloss is nonsticky is a lie on the order with "non-painful bikini wax")

Since I had already had time to try them out, I knew my favorite was the Trendy, a combo of a light pink and a rose color.  So I breathed a sigh of relief when my sister settled on the Swanky, a gold and pink duo.  

I mean, she's my sister and I'm happy to share...but not really.


Princess Freckles said...

My sister is the same way! She used to just go into my room in high school after her shower to get dressed. Didn't even bother with her own clothes! Some things never change.

Perricone MD - Ashley said...

This lip gloss seems great. I am always trying to find new lip gloss that is not sticky!

jane smith said...

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