Monday, August 31, 2009

Wanna Buy A Bridge Too?

There are some products in the makeup industry that I truly believe are just hocus pocus.

Clear mascara? Hair gel for your lashes.

Under eye creams that claim to get rid of dark circles? Take it from the daughter of a plastic surgeon, sure, I also know of a sugar-free fat-free ice cream that tastes as good as Ben & Jerry's.

Primers? Honestly, I've never been a big fan.

I'm sure that some people are going to cry foul. That they help makeup go on smoother, more evenly, and use less product.

But to me, it's always just been an extra layer of stuff that doesn't do a whole lot. Very Emperor's New Clothes.

So, when a Trish McEvoy sales rep sat me down on a day I was feeling particularly ornery and started regaling me with how FABULOUS their Eye Base Essentials primer was, my bullshit meter went wild.

But the thing was, it was FABULOUS. Not really because of its "priming" ability, but as a basic everyday shadow.

I tried the Sheer Gold, and by itself it is a great once over base when I am just too terribly lazy to do anything else. A little in the corner of the eyes lightens everything up and makes me look far more awake. I am working my way through the tube at what is, frankly, an alarming pace.

It does make a good base for additional shadows, but I usually just use it alone.

So...I still stick to my maxim that primers aren't worth it, but a primer that is really just a great cream shadow? I'll buy into that.


Tess said...

I also have the sheer gold primer - and mostly love to wear it solo, as well.

Honestly, though - the eye make up primers are a windfall if you're a semi-oily girl like me for under powder shadows. Without one, I wind up with no color on the majority of my eyelid & then a thin streak of color in the crease that you can only see when I blink. My favorite daily use, go under any color shadow primers are: MAC paint in Untitled or Stillife, or the Laura Mercier eye basics in Linen.

Like, seriously, these products changed my life. I'm jealous of girls who don't need them to get long-lasting eyeshadow, though - so kudos to you!

Wila (aka Ali) said...

I LOVE that product too. When I went to Blue Mercury in G'town, I thought the girl was bogus, too. But I fell in love and use it every day! Love Trish...I shouldn't have doubted!

Elise said...

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Anonymous said...

"I also know of a sugar-free fat-free ice cream that tastes as good as Ben & Jerry's."
Surely this is just a myth! Nothing that tastes good is ever good for me.

DCSheke said...

I also highly recommend Laura Mercier's eye base

geegee said...

Urban decay makes a nice "primer" that I like to use as an eyeshadow.

Anonymous said...

I think primers are a waste, but I love using cream shadows alone or as a base.

Anonymous said...

I agree - I hate being pressured into buying unnecessary products, but I LOVE the Trish eye make up primer. Not only does it keep my eye-liner perfectly in place, but I think it gives a completely different "more finished" look.

GablesGirl said...

I've tried the Urban Decay (HG) potion, Laura Mercier's and assorted others but Trish McEvoy's is the best. I've got very oily lids (and also aging lids with veins :/) so I've finally given in to using an eye primer.