Friday, November 10, 2006

Walk the Line

It's not easy being a woman sometimes.

Especially when you live in a place like Washington.

Men can roll out of bed, put on a blue button down and a pair of khakis and people think they are the second coming of John Kennedy.

But for women, there is a thin line between wanting to look good and wanting to be taken seriously.

Dress in stylish clothes, wear makeup, blow out your hair and people think you are a vapid moron who clearly takes her appearance more seriously than her brain. Also, you might end up on the wrong side of the door of the cloakroom, if you know what I mean.

Buuuttt, dress down and wear coke bottle glasses and no makeup and no one wants to look at you or talk to you (unless it's behind your back).

Now, I know that I am not the first person (by a long shot) to realize this, but it is something I deal with on a daily basis and I think about it a lot.

So on Tuesday I was watching the election coverage of Hillary Clinton in New York and I noticed that she looked a little different, and it wasn't just that I-just-won-in-a-landslide glow that she had. I couldn't put my finger on it though.

Then the next day I received my copy of New York Magazine (yes, I still read this diligently every single week, it's so dishy! I love it.) with Hillary on the cover and it hit me.

She was wearing the most fabulous shade of dark purple eyeshadow.

Yes, gorgeous eggplant with just a hint of gold shimmer. And it made her look great. And it was heartening to see a women in politics walk the line between looking beautiful and being smart.

Oh, and I read the article too...because I care about things other than just beauty of course.

But seriously, if anyone knows what shade that is, TELL ME!!


Chi Town Girl said...

Oh my, so much to say.

First of all, the message in your post is so true and kind of disheartening.

Second of all, the other comment on this post (signed "make extra money") screams undercover marketing, which I just had a long discussion about with a very influencial marketing professor.

Finally (and most importantly), I have a plum shadow set from Victoria Secret that I received for Christmas last year and I absolutely LOVE IT. It is called the "Make Me Gorgeous All over face kit" in PLUM. There are two purplish shadows included. One is lighter (a great base) and one is darker. Both have the perfect amount of shimmer. I highly suggest them.

GreenEggsSamDC said...

It looks like Heather by Bobby Brown... I can't believe I know that...

Golden Silence said...

Second of all, the other comment on this post (signed "make extra money")...

Is that from "Askinstoo"? That fool's been spamming on my blog quite a few times and it's annoying. I wish there were a way to report him to Blogger.

As for the topic in question, it sucks that women have to put in the extra effort in terms of appearance. I wanted people to accept me for who I was and used to leave the house in sweats. But unfortunately I got no attention whatsoever and I've had to make sure I look stylish before leaving the house. (I still wish people would accept me for the awkward, glasses-wearing on the weekends person that I really am.)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say, Marie Claire turned me on to your blog & I'm so glad! The Almay eye make-up remover tip was a godsend. Nothing could take off my waterproof mascara. And now, thanks to the Eye Bright as concealer, I actually look like I get a decent night's sleep. Thanks & keep the good advice coming.

Anonymous said...

My guess: Chanel Amethyst

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