Thursday, April 12, 2007

Jumbo Jet Liners

Eyeliners are awesome.

Okay, fine, I say this about just about every beauty product, but I really mean it this time!

Seriously though, they can define your eyes, enhance your lashes, wake up a look, and what other product, when applied with the hand of a third-grader with the shakes can be smudged and then called a look?

I'm not even going to try to say that I'm good at putting on eyeliner. But I've got Q-tips, and, contrary to what Paul McCartney says, that is all you need.

Lately I've been intrigued by brightly colored eyeliners. Since my "going out makeup" has recently look a whole lot like my "work makeup" and my "waking up having forgotten to take off my makeup because I was working on a briefing book last night makeup" I decided it was time to branch out.

While I wandered, weak and weary, through Sephora, nothing was really grabbing my eye and was about to give up and check out the Sephora brand nail polishes, when I noticed their Jumbo Eyeliner pencils. They come in a multitude of hot metallic shades and cost a jaw dropping five dollars.

No, really, I think my jaw dropped, which was unfortunate because I think I was inhaling a latte at the time. Those little cotton pads are not quite as good as Bounty for mopping up spills, let me tell you.

I picked up an emerald green and a dark violet pencil, both of which I have worn out on the town to great effect. least I felt more dressed up than when I go to work.

They aren't the softest of pencils, so I might recommending warming the tip with a hair dryer (ON LOW!!) for a second or rolling between your fingers to aid in application. But for trying out a color that you are not so sure of, this is the way to go.

Next up...I might try a blue mascara. I know! I know! I'm such a trend whore. I'm like the sucker kid in an afterschool special on peer pressure where Rachel Zoe is playing the pusher.

Also, a killer idea, DuWop has a pencil sharpener with an antibacterial blade! Yes! Cooties begone! No pink-eye for this girl.

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Big Sky Girl said...

Thank you, Thank you, Cap Barbie for being a trend...well you know.

I have been looking for an eyeshadow in just that shade of green. Fabulous. Sephora here I come!

Lauren said...

try aqua/teal for summer. looks great with a tan

Jessorz said...

I've been thinking about trying violet eyeliner...what else do you wear with it?

Beauty Chick said...

I bought a YSL mascara in a plummy eggplant color and it really brightened up my eyes. Now I'm intrigued to try blue liners and mascara. You know, to match my trendy navy blue nails - LOL :)

novaelle said...

And I thought I was the only one with eyeliner issues. I don't feel so alone anymore!

caphillbarbie said...

I'll be your trend whore any day! Happy to do it. I typically pair the violet liner with a medium purple shadow at nighttime, or just a little champagne shadow during the day. For the emerald, I go with a silver shadow or honestly just load up the eyeline and leave the rest bare. I always try to go with a pale lip with heavy eyes too. Sometimes even just a swipe of Rosebud and I'm good to go.

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