Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday News!

Cancel your plans to take a summer Friday RIGHT NOW.

That's right.

You will want to be glued to your desk at 2 pm when Kelly Taylor herself (I have trouble with that fourth wall thing) will be hosting a Washington Post Chat!!
In case you've been living under a rock, Kelly will be back on the new version of 90210 where she will be back as a guidance counselor at good old West Beverly High.
She's almost as old as the actress who played Andrea now.
So, now that the theme music is totally stuck in my head, let's remember some the Kelly Taylor highlights in this American TV masterpiece:
The sleepover at the Walsh's when that bitchy one-episode friend makes Kelly tell the story about how she really lost her virginity, which was actually date rape. This show was about MORALS, people!
The one where she chooses "me" over Brendan and Dylan's weird proposals.
When she became a coke fiend!
The one where she almost got raped by that football player. Wait...I think that happened a few times.
The mother daughter fashion show!
Oh man. I miss the 90's. Ok, got to do some work, but post your fave Bev Niner moments in the comments and check out the chat later today!


DC Celine said...

Thanks for the heads up. Read the transcript after the fact - have to say, it was boring. Love her, but the chat was boring - she wouldn't dish on a thing, and was just. too. nice. I'm sure she's a sweetheart in person, but...

Legallyblondemel said...

De-lurking to say - No. *%&^$*. Way. How did I miss this chat? Why? Why???

Favorite 90210 Moment: anything involving Brenda, the original Evil Brunette (no comment on hair color in general, just for the ladies of 90210 who seemed to be segregated accordingly), but particularly the episode where she goes off to the U of MN and is still a self-important, whiny, narcissist there too. And all of the native Minnesotans - or anyone who lived outside of LA, for that matter - was a country bumpkin. I remember laughing even back as a (self-important, whiny, narcissistic) teenager - the Evil Brunette goes national and is STILL a miserable, yet captivating, bore.

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