Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Coming Clean

So...a lot has happened over the past 12 weeks or so. Stuff I haven't shared publicly on the interwebs.

You see, my husband has one of these jobs whereby people are occasionally forced to relocate for training purposes. So, after eight blissful (well....whatever) years of calling the District of Columbia my home, I've moved.

To Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Now, we can spare me the jokes about becoming Squirrel Hill Barbie (my family came up with that gem early on) and I'll try to forget that DC gave me a send off in 100-plus degree heat that caused me to fall up a flight of stairs (yes, up) that landed me on a monitor in the labor and delivery ward of Sibley Hospital for four hours.

(Sounds like fun, right? Not always.)

The bottom line is that I'm here for at least a year and a half and I'm planning on making the most of it. Basically, I will be consulting for my old job until El Bebe arrives which may even leave me more time to blog, which should make you all pleased! Right? Right?

So, while I've found a few solid fashion blogs based here in Pittsburgh like Looking Sharp! and Stylish White Female, I'm always looking for more! So...if you know about Pittsburgh, let me know!

And I promise to keep my hand in the DC scene...lord knows I'm a CSPAN junkie and the local news here is just not cutting it. PS, If Real Housewives of DC doesn't turn out to be totally unbearable, I'm considering recapping....what do we think?


Sarah said...

Welcome to PGH!! Thank's so much for mentioning my blog in your post. We have some great fashion spots in the city, my favorite being in Lawrenceville.

caphillbarbie said...

Thanks!! I'm actually living in Lawrenceville, so I'm excited to be in the epicenter of fashionable Pittsburgh! Also, thanks for the post...we'll have to meet up sometime soon!

SWF_Terra said...

Wow! Thank you so much for the mention! Sarah is much more plugged in than I(Most of my insider information comes from her). We're stoked to have you in PGH!

PS: I worked on Capitol Hill (Hall of States) for the PA Gov back in 2001-2002. DC holds a very special place in my heart.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

I love Lawrenceville! I live in Bloomfield so we are neighborhood neighbors!

I lived in DC for a bit doing research for my dissertation at the Smithsonian. I still have pangs of DC homesickness when I think about the great shopping there but things are not so bad here! And they're looking up, too. I write about pittsburgh shopping occasionally (though my blog is mostly outfits lately). Welcome to Pittsburgh!!

Pittsburgh Perambulations said...

Hey welcome to PGH! It's a fantastic city -- I moved here a year ago! You've already found two of the best PGH blogs. Sarah and Terra and fantastic! Can't wait to start reading about your adventures here!

Amber Katz said...

We think YES! Congrats on your move, doll. Looking forward to Squirrel Hill Barbie :)

Miranda said...

I grew up around Pittsburgh, thanks for the links to the other blogs in the area, they are great. Will follow and continue to follow you. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Pittsburgh! I'm in the South Hills and have been a fan of your blog for quite awhile. I can't believe you are "here"! It's not DC but its a great place with warm, friendly people...some great culture (honest), and awesome food. I've been happy here for 17+ years since my husband moved me here (like you) due to his job. Anyway...Welcome Barbie to Pittsburgh:-) Now, go have a Primanti Brothers Sandwich...(you'll thank me later, honest!)

Lara said...

I grew up in Squirrel Hill - how funny that you've landed in the 'burgh. I hope you enjoy it. Lawrenceville is quite fun and so is Oakland. I only know political bloggers there, nothing about fashion (I didn't even know there were any!)

Anonymous said...


I was just in Pittsburgh and found Carson Street. My wallet found its way into some of the cutest boutiques (i.e. Fig Leaf & Jupe). Although we were only in that city for a few days, it certainly has some charm.

I need some advice. I am facing the same dilemma you professed publicly in July: moving due to husband's new post. YUP, we're moving to Washington, DC in December. Now I have to find a job (gulp!).

What would be a good time and method to contact Congressional offices, now that the election frenzy has settled? I have over five years of experience in state legislative affairs and am sending letters and resumes this week to offices, but would you suggest I follow up with the offices in person once we relocate in mid-December?

Legislative Anonymous