Friday, December 01, 2006

Ask CapHillBarbie: Go with the Snow

Let's face it. I'm kind of a fair weather girl. Having spent a few formative years in Southern California seriously ruined my ability to handle inclement weather. A rain spell can send me in to a serious depressive fog and the thought of not being able to wear my peep toe Louboutins at the office Christmas party makes me so mad that I would totally call NOAA and try to demand that they fix the weather immediately if my staff director hadn't cut off my phone privileges.

But when this question hit my inbox this time, I was actually prepared to answer with something more substantial than "stay inside!!!"

Hey Barbie-

I have a question. I'm not sure if you've heard, but the Midwest is getting slammed with the first big snow storm of the winter. Now, I'm a chicago girl, so I know how to handle inclement weather. BUT, year after year, I have yet to figure out how to go outside and not get the bottom 4 inches of my pants soaked! Then, today, I hear that Seattle broke the 73 year record for rainfall this season and I thought to myself: There has got to be a way- We should no not have to change our pants every time we get home from a rainy/snowy day! In the name of fashion-- and good sense--- I beg you, HELP!!

Best regards, A very cold (and wet) chicago girl

Ok, stay inside!!!

No, seriously, I understand that not everyone can go into hibernation for six months while we wait for winter to pass us by. Also, not everyone has underground tunnels and a little subway to take you around your office complex.

I often saw people trudging about in DC during the winter with their...shudder...Uggs. This is NOT AN OPTION. Nope, not-uh. I get it, they're warm. But they are not waterproof and they are so ugly they can turn people to stone with one glance.

I have also seen the colorful rainboots with the cutesy "critters" splashed all over them. They are ok, but typically not lined and kinda look like rain could fall in the tops and STILL get your pants wet.

My solution? I'm sitting here at my desk today on this rainy Friday in my brand new Aigle boots rubber riding boots.

They rock.

Knee high, totally badass looking, lined, waterproof, warm and big enough to allow for warm cozy socks and pants tuckage.

I suggest that for these dire situations with the wet and the muck, you go straight to the source.

Get on LL Bean for the classic duck boot and look up the Scottish Hunter boots and get the real deal. While there are some more trendy alternatives on, I believe that functionality and utilitarianism is more stylish than all that.

However, I fell in love with the Aigle boots for the simple reason that they look awesome. And waterproof. And indestructible.

Oh, they are also French and come in calf widths.

Tuck away and stay dry chicas!

pictures to come later! I promise!


Me said...

the boots are beautiful!!!!

Anna said...

Amen! It's the strangest phenomenon. I will say, though, that living in the Midwest (I'm from West Central Illinois and I go to school in Missouri) is great in this case because people understand functionality over fashion, especially when there's 12 inches of snow on the ground. And sometimes, we all need that.

And those boots look glorious.

Larissa H said...

I agree, those boots are gorgeous! Are you finding them comfortable to walk around in? My issue with tall rubber boots is that they don't usually have enough flexibility, which makes me feel like I can't walk normally ...

DC Celine said...

My sis moved to Chicago last year, and recently posted this response to a style dilemma....

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