Monday, December 11, 2006

Self Esteem? Shot to Hell.

I've always said that in New York, nothing can make you feel fatter or poorer than a trip to Barney's.

Well, in D.C., nothing makes you feel more out of shape and more trite than slogging though a workout on the elliptical trainer reading Town and Country and catching the last hour of The Today Show than doing all the above next to George Stephanopoulos going a hundred steps per minute while blazing through a stack of national newspapers.

I guess it's time to buy some cuter workout clothes, some DeTocqueville, and start hitting the gym more often...

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DC Celine said...

LOL. I think I would've lost all ability to tread on teh treadmill. Would've been one of those moments when the treadmill kept going and I didn't, with me ending up on the floor.