Sunday, April 20, 2008

Post Wedding Attire

The ins and outs of wedding attire have been dissected by many people far more well versed in etiquette than me.

Black tie.

White tie.


Garden Casual.


I already know what I'm wearing!

However, I have seen too many friends slogging through an after party in their beshambled wedding gown with hems drenched in dirt and just a spritz of red wine stains.  Not my idea of a good time.

While  I was planning on just changing into a regular party dress for the after party, I stumbled on a better solution while shopping during my "not-a-bachelorette-party" weekend.

This BCBG stunner of a dress struck me as white enough to scream to my friends at 3 am, "Hey!  I'm still the bride beeyotch!" but versatile enough to be worn at a New Year's or other cocktail party for a few years to come.

The only drawback?  I definitely can't wear it to another wedding.  My friend who is up next told me so.


S. said...

After party? Like you leave the reception and continue to party elsewhere? I am from a small town in the midwest and that is definitely not done here, but sounds like a very good time.

The dress is perfect.

Laurie said...

I'm curious about the after party concept as well - or are you referring to the reception?

The dress is adorable.

Anonymous said...

i would be careful with wearing a short white dress when you're the bride. even though most people know white dresses are a no-no for weddings, you just never know. i would just hate for someone else to be wearing short, white on your day. i've seen it happen before and even saw it at my own june wedding.

see if your seamstress can add in some color coded bustle ribbons underneath your dress. then, when you're ready, its easy to tie up into a bustle.

Anonymous said...

not really a huge you really want to wear your "wedding" (reception) dress to other events? also..its made by bcbg, a popular brand for dresses, i wouldnt be surprised if someone showed up wearing the same/similar dress as you..

its your wedding though, you can do whatever you want! as long as you are happy..

Anonymous said...


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