Thursday, October 30, 2008

Protect and Serve

A coworker told a story recent about her mom getting a small skin cancer removed.

The scariest part?  Her doctor told her that she probably was exposed so much simply due to driving in her car and the sun through the window.

So, when a daily moisturizer with SPF showed up at my door, I lunged at it.

Despite my fear motivator, I've been really pleased with the moisturizer, DDF Correct and Protect UV Moisturizer SPF 15.  It definitely has that sunblock smell, which is making me a little wistful now that it's fricking freezing out.  However, I did get a little overzealous one morning and used a little too much.  Bad idea.  I ended up having to blot with a tissue while running out the door.  Use sparingly!

Best of all, I know that I am putting on sunscreen every morning.  And that makes the day a little easier to face.

(pun intended.  and lame.)

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