Friday, October 31, 2008

Grey Skies Ahead

I've always considered myself to be very progressive and open minded when it comes to most things.

But when the issue of nail polish colors, I'm practically Strom Thurmond.

I like pale pinks, dark reds, and well...that's it.

I never got into the black trend or it's bastard sister navy.  Don't even get me started on neons.

I guess I always felt that they could look ok on others, but certainly not on me.

But I was flipping through a Marie Claire and was literally struck dumb.

The model had perfect manicure of slate grey nails.

And it looked AWESOME.

Chic, demure, sophisticated and unexpected.  

The caption helpfully informed me that the shade was Rescue Beauty Lounge in Stormy.'s the issue, I'm planning on trying it after an upcoming wedding manicure (a friend's!  not mine!  despite the dream I had where we restaged our wedding.  Bizarre.  I know) but I am looking for a facsimile....anyone see any perfect greys out there?


Jessica B said...

Sheer Your Toys from the new OPI holiday collection is a light grey. YOu could try looking for that, it's out in my beauty supply stores up in New York now. Good luck, I'm definitely loving grey nails this year. I've been wearing You Don't Know Jacques from the OPI France collection and loving it. You could also check out Zoya polishes, they have great colors and are made without some sort of chemical so they're better or something.

Hermione said...

Sephora has some special OPI colors for dall, and they have some lovely greys.

Princess Freckles said...

OPI has a dark grey in the Paris, France collection. I like it, but I am eager to try the lighter grey too!

The Glitterati said...

Sephora by OPI has Metro Chic (a medium grey with some lavender), which is a huge seller. I have it, and am sort-of loving it (in some lights it looks lovely, but in others, strange). Run With It (also Sephora by OPI) is a lighter, sheerer silvery grey, with a fine shimmer that I have heard gives a "rubberized" sort of look. Lots of swatches on these on other blogs if you want a pre-view.

You Don't Know Jacques is another buzz-y colour, in the OPI France collection. It is another medium grey and has more brown in it than Metro Chic, but I have not tried it.

If the greys don't end up wowwing you, you might consider some grey-ed out lilacs. OPI's Do You Lilac It? (past collection), Parlez Vous Opi (France collection), and Sephora by OPI's Call Your Mother all look nice (and are all somewhat paler than Metro Chic). I have Call Your Mother and it's flattering even on my yellow-toned skin. But the other 2 have more blue/grey in them.

It sounds like I'm totally endorsing OPI, but it's really just b/c that's the only "higher end" line I have easy access to. I don't think Zoya has a grey (or I just didn't see it) but they have some nice fall/winter shades (purples and burgundies).

The Glitterati said...

Oh, and this might be helpful!

GablesGirl said...

The RBL grey that you posted -- Concrete Jungle? Stormy? -- seems pretty unique to me and I'm thinking of shelling out the $. But ask Mismas over at All Laquered Up's blog ... that girl is my hero when it comes to matches! But I want to give it a stab b/c I'm crushing on greys too:
+ Sephora by OPI "Run with It" is called a "shimmering dove grey" altho I wear it (and love it) but don't think it's immediately recognizable as a grey like RBL's creme greys.
+ OPI's Moon Over Mumbai (India collection) is a blue-ish grey. Don't know if India collection is still around.
+ OPI's Mod Hatter (Tea Party collection) which is also a light dove grey but a creme which, I think, makes it lovely. I think Mod Hatter is still on the OPI shelves even tho Tea Party collection is long over.

Good luck -- post your results!

KT said...

So, not to be a polish snob but I have to say this. OPI is not my fave. I've balked in the past at the cost of Rescue Beauty Lounge and their shipping charges but honestly, the quality of the polish is better and worth it. I have their grey and it is AWESOME! And if you're venturing out and getting daring, Chanel's Haute Chocolate is HOT HOT HOT. Have fun whatever you choose!

MakeupMonkey said...

Chyna Glaze in 'Recycle' is a nice grey cream if that's more what you're looking for. I was obsessed with finding a grey shade that wasn't sheer (OPI's moon over mumbai, is pretty but sooo sheer) and Recycle was the one that did it for me. It's available at head2toebeauty

GablesGirl said...

Makeup Monkey: Thanks for the tip on China Glaze. I have the OPI sheerness problems too (and I'm loathe to paint on three coats!).

KT: You are so right -- I caved for Chanel's Haute Chocolate immediately. But whereas OPI will stay on my nails for a week or more, Chanel barely lasts three days (but that doesn't keep me from buying their colors that I love). Weird.

Katie said...

I personally adore Essie! OPI chips and Essie tends to stay on longer, plus Essie is cheaper. Essie makes Over The Top, which looks to be a gorgeous grey. I think you may have inspired me to try it! My friend got me a verrryyy deep purple for my birthday which I love! Also, there's a secret nail polish store that we go to down 50 near seven corners in the same shopping center as Target and PetsMart just hidden over near the mexican restaurants that has EVERY brand in EVERY color. It's like nail polish heaven.

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