Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sleeping Beauty, Not So Much

I lucked out on my first trimester...things were going great, I never got sick, never felt bloated, I ate gummy worms by the bagful.

Ok, I'll stop.

The one thing I did notice was that my skin broke out like a 12 year old.

I'm not sure if I can blame my hormones or the fact that I was falling asleep face down on my couch every night at 7:30 pm. But for whatever reason, things got YM in my house superfast.

The main problem was that, being a good little science nerd, I happen to read all the advice about steering clear of most acne and other skincare acid products during pregnancy.


Over abundance of caution?

Totally ridiculous considering the gummy worms and coffee I continued to ingest?

Yup, yup, and yup.

Did it make me feel a little better about the coffee/corn syrup fiesta?

You betcha.

But I wasn't capable of giving up beauty products entirely, especially when I had a Level 5 breakout on my hands. So when I put out a query to the Twitter-verse about face scrubs and Belle over at Capitol Hill Style recommended Ole Henriksen's New Beginning Scrub and said it was all natural...I decided to check it out.

Besides, Swedish things are so hot right now.

Not willing to pony up for the whole jar just yet, I got a sample and really liked it. The texture is a little honey-like, with a mild and pleasant smell. The best thing was the fact that the scrubbing beads are made from jojoba wax as opposed to salt or sugar or apricot kernels. This made the scrub far more gentle than other scrubs I've tried, something I really prefer.

Eventually, my skin cleared up. Again, who knows if we can chalk it up to the scrub or the fact that I was actually washing my face at night, but I like to think it's the scrub. It's either that or the fact that I finally stopped eating gummy worms after totally OD-ing on them one afternoon at work.

You know, whatever.

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Marie B said...

I think this line is organic or at least Natural. ARCONA--available at I got some free samples once and got hooked. For acne I love the Raspberry Clarifying Pads, Cranberry Gommage, Tabula Rasa and Night Breeze. The only downside is that items are pretty pricey.

Anonymous said...

Just a small FYI : Ole Henriksen hails from Denmark, so it's not Swedish, as you said in your post! :)

DC Celine said...

i can absolutely identify with this post. pregancy did nada for my skin...glowing? my a@@. and while bean #2 is still on the boob, have to be careful re: acne products, too...sigh...but maybe a new scrub will help. or at least, as you say, make me wash my face at night? sigh.

caphillbarbie said...

@ Marie B - thanks for the other natural product recs...I agree that many are very pricey and I recommend getting samples before buying anything if possible.

@ Anonymous - Oops! Those Baltic Scandinavians give me so much trouble. Thanks for the heads up!

@ DC Celine - I know the ban on so many things gets lifted during nursing, but I'm hoping just regular good maintenance will carry me through!

luminess said...

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