Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Someone get GAO on this STAT!

Holy weather whiplash, Batman!

It was 70 degrees over the weekend and now the high is barely scraping the 40s?

Does anyone else feel as though this might be the sign of the coming apocalypse?

Damn you Al Gore and your knowledge dropping movies!! But thanks for the internet, it's swell.

I have finally found it necessary to break out all manner of cashmere and wool and commenced with bundling. You can now throw me into walls and I bounce. I look like that kid in A Christmas Story in the snowsuit.

I have also found that, much like a reptile, I am perpetually scaly and dry. I have begun a regimen whereby I slather on Kiehl's Creme de Corps at night and the Creme de Corps Lightweight in the morning. Then, I Rosebud up for the walk to my office where I apply the Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve all day.

I singlehandedly keep Kiehl's in business it would seem.

this is what is takes to make me not look like Voldemort even a little.

But nothing seems to work!! I'm so depressed, I need advice from the North and West! Post your best advice on how to keep the moisture inside of me (as opposed to the evil air, whcih totally doesn't deserve it!) in the comments below!

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Anonymous said...

Aquaphor! years of lifeguarding have taught me a few years and aquaphor at night is your best bet to keep your skin nice and dewy in the grossest conditions.

Meg said...

I have had really similar problems, but I've finally hit upon a combination that keeps my skin moist and smooth:

On face: wash with Cetaphil, moisturize with Olay Total Effects 7x, morning and night

On body: wash with Olay Moisturinse In-Shower Body Lotion (seriously, this stuff is the greatest) in the morning or whenever you shower, apply Nivea cream at night

Seriously, best routine ever... my eczema-prone skin has never been happier!

Anonymous said...

Olay Shea Butter Body wash and Nivea cream is awesome. . .Kudos to Meg

Suzanne said...

I use Ahava hand cream several times a day...L'Occitane Amande shower oil in the shower, L'Occitane Supple Skin oil after the shower. Has worked pretty well!

Toya said...

Those new "shielding lotions" are great. I highly recommend SkinMD and I have the driest hands ever.

Harpa said...

Hi :)
I get very dry patches on my face in the wintertime (I live in Iceland..) and the best cream ever is Pond´s Dry Skin Cream. It´s $4.99 at the drugstore. I´ve tried probably all creams available, both expensive and cheap, and this one is the best!

Laurie said...

The crazy DC weather is killing me too! The best hand lotion I have ever used is Neutrogena Hand Cream - Norwegian Formula ( It lasts even after you wash your hands a few times.

Anonymous said...

glysomed hand cream rocks. Friends who row crew turned me on to it. WARNING: Do not pur on before yoga class.

DC LifeCoach said...

I was going to tell you the Norweigan Formula stuff, but someone already did. It's the best.

The non-blonde said...

For body: a combination of L'Occitane rich body cream (the one with tons of shea) ans those shielding lotions on top. I second Toya with the SkinMD thing. It really works.

Hands: SkinMD. L'Occitane and Bliss are good, but sticky. SkinMD doesn't transfer to the keyboard and to my cats' hair.

Face: Lancome Secret de Vie.

tara said...

I live in the northeast and I was my face w Cetaphil morning & night & mousterize w Nuetrogena oil free mousizter for sensitive skin (I have super dry & sensitive skin) After I shower I use 100% body butter after I apply Nuetrogena body oil light seseme formula frgrence free. at night i reapply the body butter and layer vasiline over it! it's crazy but my skin gets soooooo dry! good luck! love your bloggg!

jen said...

ditto vaseline - i carry a small jar in my purse (super cheap) and use it on my hands (and lips, when i forget chapstick). it soaks in fairly quickly and it thick enough to last until the next hand-washing.

Anonymous said...

L'Occitaine Lavender Hand Cream! Keep it in your desk at work...and they make a mini purse-sized version as well. Trust me on this one.