Monday, January 29, 2007

Just Right!

I have sort of an issue with variety. I'm not really into it. Or, I should really say, I only like variety when it comes in a very narrow range.

I have about seven black skirts, fifty-three pink lipglosses, fourteen brown get the picture.

But all of these slight variations either serve different purposes or was a part of a quest to find something mythically perfect. Like Mr. Right or an ethical lobbyist.

just kidding! please don't stop taking me to lunch.

In my ongoing quest for the perfect neutral nail polish, there have been many casualties.

Bubble Bath by OPI: Giada's fave is a little too white on me to be perfect.

Ballet Slippers by Essie: Ditto.

Mademoiselle by Essie: Too pink.

Ador-a-ball by Essie: Too sheer.

Pinking of You by OPI: One coat is too sheer, two coats are too pink.

Please note that I do like all of these, they just aren't PERFECT.

However, I think I have a contender for "just right." Deborah Lippman's Sarah Smile.

I was given a bottle as a Christmas present and I think it has just the right about of opaquity (opaqueness? I am just making up my own language here, just call me e.e., or c. h. barbie) and the right amount of pinky whiteness. It sets off my skintone well and looks sophisticated and girly at the same time.

I just wish that I coordinated enough to have applied it and not ruined my manicure in the span of an hour.


Anonymous said...

yesssss finally i know what nailpolish giada wears!!!

Anonymous said...

have you hit up sally hansen light pink its awesome and the light pink shade even comes in maximim growth formula. i swear by it!

DC Celine said...

As a fair-haired, never tan girl, I don't even bother with pale pinks - though I love them. Share your skin tone?

Anonymous said...

I've tried almost every color you mentioned (and wore bubble bath everyday for nearly a year) but after hearing about the harsh chemicals OPI polishes had, I stopped. I then began my search and ironically enough, found what I wear now - Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in an almost nude shade (I can't remember the name of it off the top of my head). Not too pink, not too sheer... just perfect. Two coats is ideal, but in a pinch for time, one works.

Anna said...

Question: How long do you ladies keep your nails? I find that my nails get so weak that it's much better (and classier) for me to keep them very, very short, but painted with a deep reddish color.

And when I do go long, that's when I bust out the light pinks. No vampy long red nails for me, thanks.

Anonymous said...

The word is "opacity."

Parisjasmal said...

Oh I so agree with you. I have the same thing going on with black pumps, pink glosses ( I mean seriously how many colors so close to MAC Prrr does MAC have?) and light pink polishes.

I love Deborah Lippman and I adore Sarah Smiles. Perfect, light, fresh and feminine!

ACK --I have tried to comment to you like 3 times. Sorry if you get this duplicate.
POX on the new blogger. ACK!

Tapupartforpres said...

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