Monday, March 19, 2007

Don't Make Me Choose!

If I had to play Sophie's Choice with my beauty products, I think I would pick lip gloss.

My list of praises to sing is long: it's cute, it's fun, there are endless choices, and it wipes off easily.

But I could never choose just one lip gloss. NEVER. At my most recent count, I was carrying precisely six lip glosses around with me.

No yelling, Mom!

I actually like to wear different lip glosses during the day and my newest favored gloss (yes, "favored status," like a concubine) is the Balm Shelter from TheBalm. The cute names of the glosses make it easy to adapt each gloss to a personality or mood.

Right now, I'm digging on Girly Girl, a peachy shimmery gloss that feels very spring in light of the actually appearance of the sun and temperatures above Arctic levels. It translates well to a late afternoon briefing where I actually like the people in the room or when I went for my very first caffeine pick me up of the season without a scarf.

My next favorite of the bunch is Daddy's Little Girl, a sheer sparkly berry color. It looks like my mouth, but better. Perfect for those times I like to look polished but not wanting to attract too much attention (re: skeevy member on the loose) or simply want to be authoratative without everyone staring at the my mouth.

The neatest part about the glosses is that they smell exactly like Hubba Bubba bubble gum. It took me the longest time to figure out exactly what that scent was. Also, you can pick up a limited edition set of three glosses at Sephora and keep swapping glosses all day long!

What about you? Any preferences for lip glosses for certain times of day? Any good luck glosses that you wear before an interview, big presentation or date?
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Samantha said...

Burt's has this Lip Shimmer (Champagne for me, can't let go of the '80's frosted look) that I like to wear that is "good" for my lips as well. And the child in me likes the clear slightly tinted glosses with the holographic glitter in them which only lasts as long as the car ride to work. So I can get my sparkle on during sunny morning rides and be grown-up again once I arrive. Other than that, I just drool over the selections wherever I go shopping. I'm sort of out of the habit of wearing make-up but am trying to get used to it again.

Lauren said...

I am currently in love with Clinique's Super-balm. It's glossy without being too shiny, and thick but not sticky. Best of all it will cure my chapped lips (thanks to DC winter and too hot office dry air) instantly and has SPF for the summer. The Mango give me a pretty natural look, and raspberry is a flirty pink for my time in class. I'm also using Stila's All Over Color in Fuscia on my lips with a dab of concealer over it for that matte pale pink look from the runways that I love. its a little brighter than that for now, but i think I can tone it down even more come summer when I'm a little tanner.

Carrie said...

I am with you gloss is one of my favorite makeup items. I am currently carrying around four of them in my purse which is an improvement since I used to carry a whole make-up bag filled with lipstick and gloss. I always wanted to keep my options open. No matter which colors I try I keep going back to Bobbi Brown's Petal lipgloss. It is like I found my gloss soul mate with that one. The color is just perfect every season and with whatever I am wearing.

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