Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I can barely contain myself. One of my favorite stores is opening in DC!

That's right....Lululemon Athletica is finally opening a little outpost right near me...and a bigger store is on the way!

Seriously, there is nothing like cute clothes to make me want to exercise.

For those of you who haven't had the fabulous opportunity to check out a Lululemon yet, let me just say....do it! A Canadian company, I discovered Lululemon while visiting Toronto a few years back. They make the sweetest yoga clothes that can take you from yoga to brunch to shopping to errands and back again. They have a wide selection of sports bras for every level of chestiness, pants to flatter every bottom and colors to make even the couchiest potato fashionista drool...

I have patiently planned every trip to LA to include a stop off at the Santa Monica store (opened years ago, damned healthy earthy crunchy Californians!), and begged my mother to stuff my stocking with their clothes this year (New York got their store this past November!). But no longer!

Another great thing about Lululemon? They do extensive outreach in the community to promote yoga, which means free classes, demonstrations and just general happiness. Hop on the mailing list asap and peruse the website to plan your spring yoga wardrobe!


Kristine said...

While I too initially shared your enthusiasm for Lulu it has literally become the bane of my fashion existence. It seems like people have become confused about when and where it is appropriate to wear yoga gear. I have seen lulu show up at the workplace, at school (which is understandable during exams but not every single day of the week), and at the bar. So be warned - although it seems fabulous now you will come to hate it.

Anna said...

I am Lulu obsessed - my (retail) workplace used to be owned by the same couple who own the Lululemon in my city, so Lulu was the dress code for our store as well (they saw it as a chance to double their advertising).

My boyfriend is a fan as well - he calls it his own version of kryptonite, since he's powerless against me and anything I ask of him when I'm wearing a pair of Lulu pants.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the merch is divine but navigating their website is grim and any place that doesn't post prices makes me crawl. Are pants $25? $100? more? It's like apartments listed that say "price upon request." This translates into "stratospheric."

caphillbarbie said...

Seriously? If I showed up at my job wearing Lululemon, I think my boss might have a major league heart attack. But I will agree that my boyfriend loves the pants!

As for pricing, I will admit that their stuff is not inexpensive and I think the "no pricing" has to do with the fact that it's a Canadian company and they have never done online shopping to the US. However, the stuff is great and lasts forever. I wash the stink out of them and they have held up for years. Also, they have sales on seasonal colors...or should I say colours?

Beauty Chick said...

I first saw the shop in Chicago and thankfully they just opened a store in NYC! You feel virtuous, athletic and enviromentally conscious after spending 5 minutes there. Love it!

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