Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I Ain't Seen Sunshine Since I Don't Know When

The word of the day is "jail."

Apparently it's the hot place to be.

And while I won't profess to know the first thing about incarceration, I can say that I feel Cash's pain when he talks about not seeing the sun. Seriously, if I wanted to hide at work, I could dress in all white and stand against a hallway wall and close my eyes. No one would ever find me then.

But the threat of skin cancer and uneven blotchiness keep me clear of the actual sun and sunless tanners. So, to my surprise, I found I really liked the Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips that made their way to my doorstep.

Much like the gorgeous Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, the Shimmer Strip is a block of shimmer powders in a variety of bronze, gold and pink tones. They can be swirled together and used like a bronzer or you can use each color on it's own as a shadow.

I love the Miami Strip/Healthy Glow shade, it gives me just a hint of color and shimmer without being too muddy looking. I bet if they made a Boca Raton Strip shade, it would make you wrinkly with a visor and kvetch about the rising cost of Manischewitz macaroons.

I was also shocked to see the virtual WALL of Physician's Formula powders, blushes and bronzers at my local crappot CVS. They have so many varieties, you are bound to find something that works for your skin tone.

Also, it's always nice to find an affordable version of a product that I can only use for a maximum of three months a year. No one would believe I turn that color before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.

In the meantime, I will be in the prison of my own beauty! Ha! Right.

photo courtesy of physiciansformula.com


Heather said...

I am keeling over from your Boca comment.. Your grandparents too?

Kiki said...

i totally agree with heather!

my dad actually grew up there. poor thing.

addiction said...

Ive used physicians formula bronzer for years! Its the best! Ive tried to switch to Nars laguna, benefit hoola, bobbi brown 2, i cant veer away!

boca joke - hilar!

Johanna said...

I say let your skin have some fun in the sun. As long as you moisturize year round, meticulously re-apply SPF 30 and don't stay in direct sunlight for too long, you can allow yourself the luxury of a real tan.

You don't have to get all Eva-Mendes-ized, but you know, a little bit of supervised sunkiss never hurt anyone.

Or maybe it has. Whatever, I think in the short-term.

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