Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Soft Spot

I have an admitted weakness for certain types of clothing and beauty products.

I could delve deep into my psyche and tell you that these items fit into a mental image of myself that I want to outwardly display.

Or maybe they are just cute!

Well, my latest fantasy wardrobe obsession is basically the entire Tory Burch collection. From her ubiquitous and much copied logo flats to her adorable dresses and chic tunic tops, her clothes are perfect for the life I don't actually have, but really really want.

For instance:

I would wear this dress for a relaxed summer Friday at the office before jetting off to the Hamptons in my Mini convertable with my fiance, arriving just in time to meet our equally chic friends for a quick glass of Prosecco while we watch the sun set.


This would be perfect for shopping around Georgetown with the Bush twins. We'd clean out Intermix, then head over to Leopold's for brunch and skip the Euro trash traffic jam out front. Oh, right, I never work out, by the way, these legs are a birth right, like admission to Deerfield Academy.

I would wear this out on a summer night for drinks on a rooftop party. That's right. In my fantasy life, I wear white pants and they never get dirty.

Seriously though, some of the Tory Burch clothes are really great as separates and her clothes are not cut teensy tiny and come in a range of sizes. They can be reasonably priced if you catch a sale (like the one going on now online). I have one of her dickie sweaters from fall and I just love it.

Yup, I giggle every time I say "dickie" too.

So, I encourage you to look beyond the logo flats (seriously, if I see one more person in those...) and incorporate a little fantasy life into real life.

Is there any designer whose aesthetic embodies your fantasy life where shoes don't ever give you blisters, the humidity never gets above 30%, and you never lack an invitation to a killer party or something to wear to it?

photos courtesy of toryburch.com


Jenn said...

That first dress is very Jackie O...perfect for DC in the spring, I would think. I have an affinity for Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren.

Kristi said...

Those dresses are adorable, I would have to veto the white pants. White pants only exist in catalogs and do not belong in the real world.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAA. I'm a new reader, just read through your front page, so it was pretty funny for me to see a reference to my school on your blog. You're totally spot-on, by the way - I don't know exactly how many of us are heritage, but I'm sure that, especially when you exclude the financial aid and day students, it's incredibly high...

The dresses are super. I love Tory Burch (but not her flats, which are very big here, as in the rest of the overprivileged world).