Thursday, July 26, 2007

Feel Free to Ogle the Lawmakers

The Hill has released the annual 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill Issue!!

Wow, sometimes I think my standards for "news" are super low...

If you are on the Hill, or just wandering around the Hill aimlessly as a tourist (someone at the corner of Independence and New Jersey Aves yesterday asked me, "where is the Capitol?" I refrained from laughing at her openly as she seemed sufficiently sheepish when I pointed at the huge white dome right in front of her) pick up a copy!

Or, if you are stuck at your desk until hell freezes over check it out online at the link above.
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The Doll said...

That's always my favorite issue of The Hill. :-)

Anonymous said...

What a damn joke, they are hotter than last year though, I'll give them that.

Anonymous said...

Question? Are you perchance in that issue? Just wondering, it'd be cool if you were. I know you won't say but I was going through them and I was like, hmmm, I wonder if CHB is one of these people!

Anonymous said...

Even better, have you ever been in it? Just curious. Not that it means a damn thing one way or another.

caphillbarbie said...

No...I'm not on the list...or am I??? No, I'm really not...or am I?

Seriously though, I'm not, although I did recognize a few faces and was shocked to read that Mary Bono is dating Connie Mack!! I'm always the last to hear.

Honestly, I just don't have the balls to nominate myself for something like this.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Funny about the tourist. One summer I overheard this conversation at the top of the escalators at Capitol South Metro station:

Tourist Dad: "Hmmmm, which way is the Capitol?"

Tourist Mom: (hesitantly) "Weeellll, last year it was up this way..."

Like maybe they moved it???


The Doll said...

I didn't think you were in this issue, but I did think you were perhaps in a different recent issue. It's just my suspicion, of course, and I could be very wrong!

Anonymous said...

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