Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Everyday Idiocy

Poor poor Giada.

I'm going to say it again.

Poor, poor Giada.

I've always had a sort of soft spot for Giada De Laurentiis in that sort of "Look! A pretty woman who is a decent cook! And she (allegedly) eats! And her nails are so pretty!" way. I have a few cookbooks, I'll watch her show, especially when it involves recipes with Nutella, my post about her nail polish is far and away the most popular thing I have ever written.

But lately, I think she is making some bad bad choices.

Most upsetting to me personally, was her trip to DC on her travel show where it seemed like everyone in her crew had dropped acid and then wrote the script. A detailed list of her offenses was catalogued in the Washington Post's Reliable Source.

Most offensive: Georgetown is NOT outside of DC, you loser!

Most hysterical: The thought of Giada actually in Adams Morgan on a weekend night.

As one of my friends stated so succinctly, "You'd think she'd have room for some facts in that giant head of hers."

More recently, I noticed a thread on Chowhound dissecting her most recent exploit. Namely, the "Women We Love" section of Esquire magazine.


Look at the melon on her!

If we were on America's Next Top Model, this girl would be packing her bags and leaving the house tonight.

Ok, I get it. She's supposed to look edgy and sexy, yet in homage to her Italian food persona in sort of a Sophia Loren way. My problem is mostly that she looks insanely awkward, insanely retouched, and, well, insane.

Honestly, I think I'm just still scarred from the whole Rachael-Ray-in-FHM spread that still haunts my dreams.

But I do love the shoes...

Oh, and her chicken saltimboca.

photos courtesy of esquire.com


joyous said...

And slightly like a serial killer. As Dancer In DC, Eat With Me and I were discussing, if it had been chocolate, it would have been sexy. Tomato sauce looks like a bad production of Sweeney Todd.

Dancer in DC said...

You are SO right on about this, Barbie. My co-worker called that last picture, "something out of the movie Carrie."

Anonymous said...

Nutella is fabulous. I don't really care much about her.

Beth in Massachusetts said...

I like Giada a lot, mostly because of her gorgeous set and the soft-focus style they use to shoot Everyday Italian (as you've mentioned before), and a Google search to find out what kind of nail polish she uses is what first led me to your blog, so I'm disappointed that the research was so shoddy on her DC episode. But I'm not from DC, so I don't get the WaPo's comment on the escalator -- is it really illegal to bring food on it or something?

Anonymous said...

GADS! the last one looks like a scene from "CARRIE 2: The Prozac Years"

caphillbarbie said...

To Beth in MA: It is really illegal to bring food and drink on the Metro.

There is a famous story from a few years ago where a young woman was actually arrested for eating french fries on the Metro.

It is also illegal to listen to music without headphones. Also, stand right, walk left! Words to live by.

A Novelist said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Giada however those pictures look kind of scary. I'm with 'dancer in dc'; like something out of the movie 'Carrie...'

Shannon Nelson said...

My husband loves to watch her show. I think it's from all of her moaning while she eats. Really.

The pictures you posted? Blech. She looks like she is playing in blood.

Anonymous said...

i still love Giada!

HLW said...

I also LOVE Giada, especially her travel shows. I don't know what it is about her little body, big head and perfect nails that makes me like her, but I do. I was also very disappointed in the seemingly unresearched DC show. She was actually never in Adams Morgan, she only said that Cafe Atlantico was there. Which is completely off.

It made me a bit sad. I also wonder what other city "facts" could be completely wrong.

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