Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Just Clean, Healthy Living...

After the deluge of work that has been the hallmark of the past few weeks of my life, I have finally woken up with a new sense of purpose.

To clean myself up.

No, seriously, I need like a Swiffer for my soul.

So, I plan to devote some of my (hopefully increased frequency) posts to sort of a detox plan which I'm sure will head to crap the minute Congress resumes after Labor Day.

No worries, why clean anything unless you can muck it up again?

I've been spending a ton of time on this Self Magazine blog called "Eat Like Me" It's written by a nutritionist who blogs about everything she eats during the day. She is insanely healthy, of course, but it's fascinating in a slightly voyeuristic way.

Every day I think, how awesome would it be if she downed a HUGE slice of chocolate cake. I'm so twisted. It's why I work in government.

It also has given me tons of ideas for healthy lunch options, snacks and breakfasts which will hopefully counteract the eight tons of crap I've snarfed down while working non-stop during July. Not to mention all the "reward" snacks for making it through yet another hellish day. Oh, and let's not forget the distillery I've certainly been a boon to in Ireland.

So, I'll do a cheers to hoping that healthy eating will go one step farther to clearing up that sallow tinge to my complexion and those Tumi sized bags under my eyes.

And let me know what you think of her blog...


Laurie said...

I love that blog - it's inspiring, albeit depressing! Every now and then she'll show a picture of a cookie, and that also makes me smile.

And I respect a girl that needs her lattes - and counts it towards her daily dairy serving!

Anonymous said...

wow i love that blog, Thanks for the link!!

The Kara said...

Excellent! Though, seriously, there's got to be room for cake some time, right?

Big Sky Girl said...

honey, if you really want to get cleaned up then you MUST do an ionic footbath. Trust me.

I had one while I was in Montana over Xmas and spent four months searching for a place to do one in D.C. There are only two Tulsi at 17th and R and Be You Bi Yu in Bethesda. The cost is 65 at Tulsi and 70 at Be.

The concept is simple. Stick your feet in a basin. Place ionic coil into basin. Electrify ionic coil with spark plug looking thing. Watch as the water turns nasty colors.

Why does the water turn nasty colors you ask? Because the ionic charge in the water pulls impurities from your bladder, joints, muscles, organs, etc. out of your body through the pores in your feet. It even pulls out heavy metals.

It WILL change your life!

Luv you, keep up the good blogging!

mjshdiif said...

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