Monday, December 03, 2007

Not so Hypnotic

I was recently put in a wonderful situation of having a gift card to Bloomingdale's burning a hole in my pocket.

As I set out to spend it, I contemplated my options:

Yet another lip gloss? Nah, I'm more into my PS Kiss right now.

Blush? I think I'm pretty set with that.

Concealer or base? Too depressing and expensive, respectively.

Primer? Eh, I actually like to see the stuff I pay to put on my face.

Mascara? Well, there an idea...

Reaching the end of the three month run of Maybelline Full N Soft, I was tempted. While I liked the Full N Soft, a recommendation from my equally beauty savvy sister, I was in a decadent mood. I sauntered over to the Lancome counter to splurge on one of their famed mascaras.

I consulted with the saleslady who informed me that unfortunately, precious few of the mascaras come in a waterproof variety, which is a must for me as a contact lens wearer/habitual eye rubber. She recommended her favorite, Hypnose, which does come in a waterproof formula. After continued negotiations, I settled on trying the newest formula, albeit non-proofed, Courbe Virtuose.

I envisioned dramatically curled and lush lashes all the way home, only to arrive and find that I had purchased the Hypnose!

Dang it.

I can only assume that there was some kind of communication mix up and this wasn't some kind of beauty propaganda spreading, and I decided to just try it out.

Well, yeah, I'm not a fan. The brush is this totally bizarre oblongish shape which never seems to deliver the right amount of product onto the lash. The formula is thick and goopy, requiring multiple wipes with a tissue before I can apply. And then! My lashes look practically rail thin! Not the full fringe I was hoping for.

And to top it all off, it dries so hard that my lashes feel like little spikes of pain. It makes me long for the Full N Soft of yore.

So, onward to the next mascara purchase. A co-worker just raved about her Maybelline XXL Volume + Length, so I may have to give that one a try.

Such a shame that a pretty (and expensive!) tube would be so sucky.

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Blonde Features said...

I have hypnotic and I totally agree about the "spikes of pain!" The worst is after a long night, and you forget you have it on and you rub your eyes and the spikes start flaking and get everywhere! GROSS!! Unfortunatly, I dont have a better alternative as my friend works for L'Oreal and I am spoiled and get all my make-up for free and so I am stuck with that mascara....

Anonymous said...

I just started using virtuose a couple weeks ago and I absolutely love it. I haven't tried hypnotic, but will definitely stay away. I do however also love Maybelline XXL, good stuff.

Kathleen said...

XXL curl by Maybelline is the best. TRUST ME i've tried nearly every drugstore type mascara and even some department store ones but by far my XXL has treated me the best. Curl, Definition, separation and length. By far the best

Anonymous said...

the maybelline xxl line (all the varieties) are great for length and volume. really nice lashes for the money.

abrownee said...

I'm totally devoted to Full 'n Soft waterproof formula. I too wear contacts and tend to rub my eyes when my work days start to go beyond 12 hours. I have been using it since it came out a few years ago. I have tried the ones with lash primers and other gimics but I always go back to the Full 'n Soft because I like that my lashes feel real and it never ever flakes!

Anonymous said...

Try Lumene Premium Beauty Nourishing Mascara 2 - I randomly came across it when I trying to find a new mascara at CVS. I never buy mascara twice, but I did with this one. However, I don't know if it comes in waterproof or not - I'm a contact lens wearer as well and it doesn't bother me at all!

Jessica said...

I swear by Mary Kay's ultimate mascara. Wonderful, leaves my lashes full 'n' soft. It's the only stuff I've ever bought more than once.

Lele said...

I personally like Neutrogena's Clean Lash Tint. It's water-soluble and you can really build layers because it doesn't get clumpy at all. It looks and feels really pretty and natural. Great for contact lens wearers like myself.

Anonymous said...

I swear by DiorShow - the regular, not the blackout.

Product Junkie said...

Chanel Inimitable is perfect. This mascara got Allure's Best of nod so I took a chance and blew $29 on it. It lengthens, it separates, it gives volume and lift. Most impressively, even after a day of walking through NYC in the rain, playing with a toddler and sitting on a train for 3 hours, it did not smudge or budge. I couldn't design a better masacara stress-test if I tried!