Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An Open Letter to Department Store Cosmetics Salespeople

Dear Salespeople in Nordstrom, Neimans, Bendels, Bergdorf's, Barneys, etc.

So...times are pretty tough, huh?

Sales are down, I know.

I know sometimes when you work in an industry that thrives on commissions and people spending money on frivolous things an economic downturn is pretty deadly. I understand the panic that I see in your eyes when I walk into the overly perfumed air near your counters.

And believe me, I am sympathetic.

I want to buy lipglosses I don't need and mascara that promises to make me stop traffic like like a five car pile-up on the Jersey Turnpike on a holiday weekend.

However, when you come swooping down with your crazy eyes and pleas of "CAN-I-INTEREST-YOU-IN-ANYTHING-NEED-ANY-HELP-CAN-I-SHOW-YOU-THIS" I just want to run away. And then I do in fact, run away. To be perfectly frank, I actually have credit to several major stores and have entered on multiple occasions intent on buying, only to be driven away by the Marrakesh bazaar-like atmosphere.

While I do love the DIY charms of my neighborhood Sephora, I've always enjoyed picking the brain of an expert at the department store. I like getting a makeover and picking my favorite product then walking out of the store feeling pretty. I like having someone show me something that I hadn't thought to try on my own.

But lately it's gotten out of hand. I think I even had a nightmare recently where the monkey from Raiders of the Lost Ark was running after me with a bottle of L'Air du Temps and the latest Juicy Tube and tries to force me into buying both.

So, this has been pretty disturbing to me as well. I'd like to broker a cease-fire.

If you stop trying to harass me into trying your stuff and let me peruse the counters at my leisure, I promise to buy some stuff. In fact, be a little aloof. Read "The Rules" or something. But be there when I need something. And all will be well.

If I get wind of any attempts to slather unwanted creams on my skin or get screechy about limited offers, I swear I will take all my disposable income to the nearest Sephora and never come back.

So please. Stop the madness. Back off a little. And I promise I will start spending.




mharvey816 said...

Lord yes, even Nordstrom SAs have succumbed to the stalking and the following through the aisles.

But seriously, if you want to get all ignored, just go to Saks, esp the one in Tysons Corner. You couldn't get them to acknowledge your existence if you threw a jar of La Mer at their heads.

GablesGirl said...

Hysterical! And I am with you 100%. Although I live in a smaller town and it has, sadly, been the opposite reaction. SAs are so bored from having - presumably - no sales all day that I can't usually find one at their own counter. Hwat?! I'd think this is the time to use your downtime to re-reading, highlight, flag your product manuals. Test yourself on the facts until you are 100% so that when the shopper stops by you are 100% ready to show them something that they might not have thought about choosing for themselves!

BUT -- the real reason for my stop by -- another GREY POLISH update for you. I've worn OPIs Sheer Your Toys (Holiday 2008) OPI/Sephora's Run with It and I want to amend what I said on your last post about blue greys. Although they are not technically in the RBL greys league b/c they have some shimmer, they give off much more dove and blue grey than I originally thought. They are definitely now in my "great Greys" category! I don't think I'll dish out the cash for RBL after all. I work with state and local governments (Florida) and these are much more subtle greys - subtle being about all the grey nail that government types can handle ;} (I trust that you know what I'm saying!). Hope you are still crushing on greys (like moi) and post what you decide. -Molly

marisol said...

I have had the opposite experience that you had.

A couple weeks ago, I stopped by the Chanel counter at Macys and I was the only customer within a 10 ft radius. There were two sales ladies behind the counter chit chatting and reapplying their lip gloss. Did either one of the approach me? No. Did they notice me? Probably not. Did I buy my products elsewhere? Yes,

The Benefit counter in my local mall is the worse too. Customer service has gone down hill.

Emilita said...

Are there any dept. or beauty stores you'd recommend in/around D.C. with friendly, helpful, not-intimidating salespeople?

lelaelena said...

Hi I wanted to let you know I'm planning on profiling my favorite beauty blogs on my own in the next few weeks and off course this is one of them (PS: also doing up a blog roll).

Makeup Maven said...

OMG I went to Macy's on 34th st. last Friday! It was HELL! Those ppl are like blood suckers. You stop for a minute and they will attack...if you want to survive keep your head down and walk really fast without stopping or looking back. :)

Sweet Torts said...

First, I think that those of us who live in NYC are "asking for it" when we walk into Macy's on 34th. I was there once in December, and while my goal was to entertain my out of town guests, I was bombarded continuously by make up people, perfume people and selling random junk people. It was insane though tourists (like the ones I was showing around) seemed to eat it up.
That being said, I like Lord and Taylor. I was there last week in search of bangle bracelets, but I left with Yves St. L. lip color after a little, impromptu makeover.
The sales girl was not pushy, actually listened when I told her what I do/do not like, etc.
I told her that all I wanted was lip color, and that was okay with her. As a result, I will be back when I need more concealer (best ever) or just when I want to play with new colors..

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