Monday, January 12, 2009

Gossip Girl: In the Realm of Basses

Welcome back!  

Honestly, I got so bored with making fun of Serena's boobs towards the end of last season, I just couldn't think of any new creative ways to say, Sweet Christ!  What 16 year old has cleavage that prominent?!?

However, like bears and my ability to accomplish anything, Serena's boobs have gone into hibernation during the winter.

All is well.

Blair continues to be the fashion raison d'etre for me...I mean, I've never been a fan of short sleeved suit jackets.  I think they are just something that female lobbyists invented so we don't have to sweat to death that last week before August recess.  In the 80's.  And never updated the look.

But Blair pulls it off here, pairing a Diane von Furstenberg jacket with a long sleeved tee and pencil skirt.
She pulls out another gem with the Nanette Lepore "Shake It" cardigan with gorge ruffled neck and satin details.  It's like a sweater and a scarf and a nightgown all in one!

Serena, boobs safely in hiding, still manages to don some skanky ass outfits, typically consisting of skintight jeans and droopy jersey tops.

The only highlight?  The leather jacket with sweater detailing.  Skintight, of course.  Girlfriend would have to hold onto a bed frame and suck it in to have someone zip that baby up.

My last favorite?  Lily's clearly-Loub shoes for the getaway to Boston to find her love child. 

Talk about irresponsible parenting...I bet that kid ended up a Red Sox fan.


Until next week...let's just hope Serena's cleavage doesn't emerge from its chrysalis to flap its wings.


vogued out!!! said...

Funny! nice wrap up. I never noticed Serena's boobs now I just can't wait to go and playback the last season.

Hermione said...

Now how is the mascara search going? I am beginning to believe it is impossible to find a good drugstore mascara, which is sad, because I totally have no money right now. Not even for the drugstore mascara, but even less so for Fiberwig at Sephora.

jane smith said...

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