Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Milking It

I had a pretty stunningly easy pregnancy. So I was thrown through quite a loop when I found out that motherhood and breastfeeding were not as simple as I had stupidly thought they would be.

I imagined myself out and about as a cool hip pulled together mom who would be instantly comfortable in my old clothes wearing my baby in the Moby wrap and nursing whereever and whenever I pleased.




Instead, it was more like a total spaz with no makeup and unwashed hair in black yoga pants and the, oh, I don't know, ONE shirt that fit my now ginormous chest with stains all over it. Oh, also manically checking the baby and readjusting the wrap because I'm sure she's asphyxiating in there.

So, when I finally started to get the hang of everything and started showering regularly, I decided I would splurge on some new nursing tops. Having seen a recommendation for the Milkstars line on the Pregnant Fashionista, I decided to order two long sleeved shirts, the Michelle and the Rachel, which have quickly become part of my "mommy uniform."

Nursing tops are kind of like the Constitution...they look simple and easy to work, but in practice can be devastatingly tricky.

The Milkstars line relies on the double layer shirt, which is a standard cotton shirt layered over an attached tank top that stays in place while you lift up the top layer to nurse. The beauty of this is that your stomach and back stay covered for modesty and warmth. Unlike some of the other nursing tops I got with this style (Old Navy, I'm looking at you) the undershirt goes all the way around and is separate from the top layer everywhere put the shoulder. This ensures that there are no wardrobe malfunctions while your nursing. The Milkstars tops are soft cotton with a little bit of stretch and come in great jewel tone colors, which makes them perfect for a casual work outfit or with jeans.

In fact, I've recently been known to do extra loads of laundry just to have these shirts ready to wear. Not an easy thing when the laundry is constantly full of tiny pink and white garments.

My only complaint is that I've heard that hand washing is the best way to ensure the quality of the top, which, let's face it, is NOT going to happen.

So, while I still check to make sure the baby is breathing in her carrier and wash my hair approximately three times a week these days...at least my fantasy about discretely nursing and looking normal afterwards isn't a total pipe dream.

Disclosure: I was extended a friends & family discount on the Milkstars tops.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Barbie! Nursing does got easier. And then your baby will start all these sound effects....lip smacking, moaning and curling her toes and being discrete is out the window. I nursed all 3 of my kids AT THE OFFICE until they were 10 months old. You get to a point where you just don't care anymore....the baby needs to be fed, and everybody else better get over it.

Anonymous said...

I second what Anon said above. It DOES get easier. Nursing is NOT easy at first, but for me (who is extremely lazy) I loved it. No remembering the food, no washing bottles or nipples....everything is right there. As your baby gets older, you'll get smarter about how to manage your time and her time as well. I was never as organized as when I had my kids.

Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

Nursing does get easier (and cleaner!) but I still find nursing tops to be a PITA. Dealing with a squirmy baby, the attempt to be discreet, trying to help her latch, keeping everything together... it's hard to do when not in the privacy of your own home (with Boppy etc) and surely harder with a stupid shirt.

These from Milkstars look brilliant! I ended up living in wrap tops and dresses with my beloved Anita nursing bras so I unhooked the bra while still covered with the top, then slid all to the side to nurse. If I could find a top like this I may have invested in some!

Mens Suits said...

Nursing is not easy tasks you know if you are afraid of blood even scratch bleeding in yourself you can't help patients. By the way what happened to your dress?

Body Wash Supplies said...

You will get there with the nursing. I nursed my daughter until 13 months, she is now almost 2 years old. Those tops look amazing, what a great idea. When you are out and about, you have to be able to nurse very easily.

Love reading your posts, being a mum is never easy, but never be too hard on yourself. You do the best that you can do, and with time it does get easier and you are able to do more stuff around the home.

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