Friday, January 21, 2011

Naptime Reading Material

Because seriously, who actually sleeps when the baby sleeps?

I can't remember exactly what bizarre train of links through the interwebs led me to A Cup of Jo, but I'm glad it did! Written by Joanna Goddard, a freelance writer based in NY, the blog is full of snippets of her daily life as a new mom to Toby (adorbs!) in addition to style and inspirational posts of what else is out there.

I spent a while poking through her archives pretty soon after my daughter was born and got hooked. Mostly because was fun hearing from someone who's been there, done that on a lot of new mommyhood things with great style (her post, "10 Things to Wear as a Nursing Mom" post is now my shopping list) and is totally chill about the whole thing.

As opposed to a lot of the rest of the hysterical internet ramblings about attachment parenting and whatnot.

As someone who was a total mess at the beginning of this thing, it was very promising to see a cool hip young mom. I highly recommend, even if you just want to look at her cute baby. He has the best hats!


Joanna Goddard said...

that is so, so sweet of you! thank you so much!! i'm so flattered. :)

jane smith said...

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