Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Something You Should Know About Me

Something you should all know about me and my approach to beauty is that I'm fundamentally lazy.

I'll call it low maintenance, minimal, whatever, but at it's very core, it's all about the laze.

I know it sounds weird, considering how much time and money I devote to beauty products, but when it comes to actually using everything on a daily basis, I'm all about streamlining.

So when it comes to taking off my makeup at the end of the day, I'm all about skipping steps. Which is one of the reasons I always loved the Almay Oil-Free Eye Makeup remover pads. I literally enjoy being able to skip the step of getting out one of those little cotton pads and putting the liquid on the pad. Plus, only one thing to buy at the store. See what I'm saying? Lazy.

But, blogger can not live on one makeup removal product alone, so I picked up a bottle of Benefit Cosmetics Gee...That Was Quick! Now, despite the awesomely suggestive name, this stuff is not that quick. It removes eye makeup, but with a couple of passes and I can still get smudges the next morning when I wake up.

Which means I need to remove AGAIN.

Which is way too much work for me.


Belle said...

I too tried this product awhile back.

I liked it at the time, but very quickly found myself switching to the makeup removing towels for convenience.

Shellie said...

So funny. I'm quite lazy myself... I tend to find products that are easy to use and then just stick with them. Haven't tried the Almay makeup remover pads, I'll have to pick some up the next time I'm out. Great post. :)

Cheap Tuxedos said...

I wonder if they have a products here in my country. Maybe i can try that one too.

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