Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Coordinated Effort?

In Washington, it's virtually impossible to escape the shadow of Election Day. While the rest of the country gets excited about dressing like tramps (that's what the Today Show called them, I crap you not!) and eating FAR too much candy, the D.C. metro area gets all hot and bothered about political jokes and polling numbers.

As for me?

Well, I'm pissed off that Almay can't seem to make a makeup remover to take off their OWN mascara.

Maybe Zogsby should start calling people about this hot button issue!!

A while back, I reviewed a bunch of mascaras and settled on Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes! as a favorite daytime mascara and began using Almay's Oil-Free Makeup Remover Pads to excellent effect.

I was originally seduced by the bold claims (Oil free!! America's Number 1 Eye Makeup Remover Brand!! Good for contact wearers!!) and was impressed by how easily it removed the mascara and shadow without any rubbing or pulling of eyelashes or burning of the eyes. So when the Tarte mascara hit the end of its three month lifespan, I picked up a tube of Almay's One Coat Triple Effect Waterproof Mascara.

I was hoping to maximize the efficacy of the makeup remover by coordinating the brands, but, much like a government where all branches are controlled by the same party, it was a disaster.

The mascara itself was a letdown. Good darkening, but much clumping and smudging. I came home with circles under my eyes and specks near my eyebrows. The remover seemed totally ineffectual! I rubbed and smeared and pulled, but the mascara refused to go anywhere but under my eyes and clumped at the roots of my lashes.

Honestly, it took a full two days to get this stuff off my eyes, and I think that's only because my eyelashes fell out.

Needless to say, I'm back to Tarte mascara removed with the Almay remover pads. I'm also going to go back to eating my Halloween cupcake, provided at a staff pumpkin decorating contest paid for with YOUR tax dollars.

Think about that when you go to the polls.


Anonymous said...

I ahve to admit I jsut came across your blog today, and the last sentence of this one killed me! I live in CA and my mother happens to work for the governor. The comedy in this pumpkin decorating nonsense is that Im pretty sure all branches of government in each state do this. I kid you not.The best part is that everything- goodies, pumpkins, and prizes are all paid for by our CA taxpayer dollars. : )

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