Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Scratch 'N Sniff

When I was little, I had this book about ancient Egypt that explained that the women were obsessed with fragrance (yeah, a lack of running water and soap would make me start thinking up ways to cover up the funk too). They used to make these cones of scented oils that they would wear on their heads when they went out to parties and they would slowly melt all night, keeping the women smelling rockin' as they danced the night away.

Ok, fine, I editorialized a little on that last part.

But those ancient Egytians had some smart ideas. Those of you who are faithful readers will know that I am a big big fan of the Oscar Blandi Jasmine Hair Serum. A tiny drop gives my hair a nice sheen and tames some flyaways without making me look like I got doused in canola. It also smells AWESOME.

Wait, I want to repeat that. YUH-mmy. If you think I'm just making this up now, you are wrong! I have evidence to prove it! See...I talked about how much I liked it here and here too.

The problem with the serum is that the smell never really lingers, and since making a cone out of it and waiting for the oils to drip down over my head every day probably wouldn't fly in the cloakroom, I started thinking of alternatives.

Then! I read a recent Lucky Magazine where Alexis Bledel talked about how she used her favorite jasmine scented lotion as a perfume.

Wait! Bandwagon! I want to get on you!!

So I began the hunt in earnest for a jasmine lotion that mimicked the Oscar Blandi serum smell.

Many lotions were sniffed. Many made me gag. Things were slathered and smoothed. Then my boyfriend started gagging. But I finally arrived at a winner.

Red Flower's Indian Jasmine Moisturizing Lotion.

It rocks. It smells Good. That's right, with a capital G. The lotion itself is also very nice, sinks in quickly and doesn't leave me feeling like a walked around all day with a big cone of oily fragrance on my head or anything.

The best part? The good folks at Blue Mercury in Georgetown gave me three generous sample sized packets while I wait for it to be reordered. (That's my shout-out to good customer service for the day.)


Samantha Ashleigh said...

Have you smelled Philosophy The Fragrance? I love love it. It kind of smells like a cologne almost. Kind of lemony spicy?

Anonymous said...

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