Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Light and Fluffy

Great for pancakes, not so great for hair.

One of the worst compromises in the history of hair was the decision to put the capital of our great nation in a swamp. Let me tell you this, if Jefferson and Hamilton had consulted their wives and daughters about the possibility of spending summers in a place where it can be 90 degrees AND 90% humidity, we might have acquired California and Arizona a whole lot sooner.

However, in spite of California's reputation for arrid-ness, I found myself in Santa Monica this weekend with a serious case of the frizzies. Not all that surprising given the ENORMOUS OCEAN about a block away.

Anyway, this needed to be quickly remedied and since I am a horrible packer, I totally forgot my de-puffer of choice, Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech. (They told me it was good hair weather in LA!!) I ducked into Sephora and snagged a sample of the Oscar Blandi Jasmine Hair Serum which the Beauty Addict raved about.

First of all, it smelled fantastic. As in, really really fantastic.

Second, it took the puff down a notch, but did not create the shiny swinging straight and smooth hair of my dreams. (did you like that alliteration? there's totally more where that came from)

Third, I have been using it since and I still really like it. I am extremely cautious about serums because I have been burned before. Like when your boyfriend asks you if you washed your hair that day. This does not produce that drippy greasy effect, but it also doesn't create a piecey texture like the Sumo Tech which can really manage the fluff and puff.

Overall, I think I will buy it if only because it smells AWESOME (did I mention that?) and it creates some shine and smooths flyaways without looking like Exxon-Valdez parked itself on my head.

I guess it's never too early in D.C. to start preparing for August.

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