Monday, May 15, 2006

The Great Mascara Hunt

Vous ne trouvez pas le meillure mascara, le meillure mascara vous trouves.

So I have joined The Great Mascara Hunt which was started by Blogdorf Goodman. Basically the Hunt is beauty bloggers trying out mascaras so you don't have to. BG mentioned in the Weekly Recap that my one true love, Lash by Lash, was pulled from the market years ago, never to return again. And since then, I have searched for the "Holy Grail" of mascaras to grace my lashes.

This is all very appropriate, given that I just reread "The Da Vinci Code" in anticipation of the movie opening this week (Wow, that totally makes me sound like a LOTR geek. Seriously, I just read it a long time ago and during my 1L finals so I didn't remember very much. It also ruined my ConLaw study sessions.) So, the above saying in hideously poor French grammar will be my motto for this quest.

I have mentioned that I am currently in like with Cover Girl's Lash Exact with the porcupine brush. I also have the two Rimmel mascaras to demo on their own, since the layering experiment was BAD. I repeat BAD. My rating of these two together are seriously low. I do not approve of the direction in which these mascaras are heading. It was clumpy and heavy and it took about ten minutes to get it off of my eyelashes.

So, while the mascaras find me, I will tell you what I am looking for:

Single lashes seek coating. We are skinny, pale, and a little on the short side, but don't let that discourage you! We go to lots of great events and frame two blue irises. You are black and come on a suitably thick brush. We want someone who can stay on all day and flatter us by making us long and put a little meat on our fringe! Contacts are involved so non-waterproofs need not apply.

So, let me know if you can recommend any mascaras to try out for the Hunt and I will report back on the Rimmel 'scas soon!

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