Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Great Mascara Hunt: In which I wax philosophical about what I have learned

Ahhh, the changing of seasons in DC is unmistakable. The shift from spring to summer is clearly visible.

The collars-up masses of college students depart, leaving a wake of bars in Georgetown mournfully bereft of fake IDs and vomit.

But never fear! The interns are here!

Yes, the Metro is awash in a sea of khaki pants, button downs, black suits, and flip flops, while the air smells sweetly of dry cleaner starch and Acqua di Gio (seriously? Can't men find a better smell?). All this and the proud display of laminated government ID badge. Guess what? Everyone's got one, and I don't need to know your name. Put on some real shoes, smart-ass.

Oh, and it's also 90 degrees out. In MAY!!

So, as the world turns and jobs turn over, I choose to use this time to reminisce on my time testing mascaras and reading others review for The Great Mascara Hunt.

First, everyone loves mascara. This is obvious. I will not dwell.

Second, there are some pricey mascaras out there. Since I like to toss my mascara often, I have steered away from anything costing more than $7 with the exception of the Blinc Kiss Me/Trish McEvoy Lash Curling varieties. But from reading many of the reviews, I don't see a need to spend a lot of cash for a good mascara. If you like it, go for it. But personally, I could take a million years trying out all the drugstore varieties and save my prettyifying pennies for Chanel lipgloss.

Third, packaging matters. Also, if you add "ify" to any adjective, you too can be a beauty executive.

Fourth, the best easy and natural brand that I tried and can recommend is the Cover Girl Exact Lash. It comes off with soap and water, gives a nice natural darkening, and doesn't smudge even during a spin class. It was also featured prominently in the season finale of Top Model (Joanie got robbed!) and comes with the sweet purple porcupine brush.

Fifth, I am a sucker for marketing.

Sixth, primers and extending formulas make my eyes itch and scratch my corneas. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Seventh, who knew there were so many ways to describe the smudgy effect when you get mascara under your eyes? Whore eyes, racoon eyes, heroin chic, strung out, walk of keeps going.

Eighth, Rimmel Volume Flash is my total crush right now and enjoys favored status in my makeup collection. Every time I put it on, I notice the difference immediately. It's not the easiest to get off, but when it is on, whoo baby, it is ON. My lashes got served!

Ninth, I forgot what I was going to say. Crap.

Tenth, sweet Jesus there are a lot of mascaras out there!!

So...I will see all you mascara fans in the fall which should be the next time I even consider purchasing another mascara! Bring on the freshmen and pop those collars!

no graphic because Blogger is being fussy, but many thanks to Katie from Scentzilla for letting us all use her graphic!


Carrie said...

Thank you for such a spot on description of the intern horde in DC...this made me literally laugh out loud. I've been out of town for two weeks, so this is the perfect warm up for heading back into the jungle tomorrow.

BTW - I'm sold on your Rimmel review, so I'm going to check it out. Will keep you posted, and thanks!

The Glitterati said...

The clump stops hurrrre! Ms Danielle's great, but I loves me some Joanie!

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