Friday, May 19, 2006

The Great Mascara Hunt: The Kiss Off! Edition

Ooooh, yesterday was a very snarky day on the Hill.

First up, there was a shouting match in the Senate Judiciary Committee between Chairman Specter and Senator Feingold that involved them hurling insults like "Good riddance!" and "See ya!" and "You are no more a protector of the Constitution than am I." (oooh, burn, Feingold! That's how we do it in Dirksen, bitch!) The episode ended with Feingold stomping out of the room and the Committee passing the Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Then! Justice Antonin "Smackdown" Scalia verbally bitchslapped Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL) telling him to mind his own beeswax when it came to telling the Supreme Court what kind of laws to cite when writing opinions. Scalia is actually siding with Ruth Bader Ginsburg on this one. Look out, because Hell is an ice skating rink right now.

I promise I will get to the mascara!

Euan Blair (Tony's son) said "peace out!" to his internship with Rep. Jane Harmon and apparently likes to booze it up and burn tables at Madam's Organ (who doesn't?).

Meanwhile...everyone was bored at the totally soporific Hayden hearings over in Senate Intelligence.

But was I present for any of this???


Because I was in the bathroom staring at my eyelashes! I tried out the Rimmel Volume Flash Waterproof Mascara and was pretty pleased with the results.

I was a lot more comfortable with the brush than with the lash comb, because it was just a regular brush. Also, it follows the normal screw-the-cap-off approach of almost every other mascara on the planet. Score one for the Volume Flash.

The darkening effect was really great. Normally I think, black is black, right? I mean it's going on a hair which is half an inch long, who can tell the difference? Well, apparently you can when it's actually different. This one made my lashes really dark and noticeable, even from a distance, which is not easy for me, given my poor eyesight and short stubby lashes. I was able to see the darkening effect right down to the bottom of my lashes, eliminating the tell-tale blonde roots and making it look like I had on eyeliner when I didn't.

It also held the curl on my lashes ALL FREAKING DAY!

The downside, you ask? It's pretty difficult to get off. I washed my face, which usually gets everything off, but then had to resort to eye makeup remover and a towel to get it off.

So, I really like it and will continue to use it, especially for those late nights burning tables in Adams Morgan (all the cool kids are doing it) but I'm not going to make it my one and only.

Product rating: 8 and 1/2.

See ya!

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Marisol said...
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Marisol said...

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