Friday, May 05, 2006

Bath & Body Whaa?

So apparently I have been asleep at the beauty wheel.

Bath & Body Works used to be this sort-of Body Shop knockoff, except without any pesky principles about cruelty free products and a whole lot more smell. Major league smells. As in, you could smell it from the other end of the mall (because that's where they all were.) As in, I took one particularly allergy prone friend in there once and she went into anaphylactic shock.

But they have now totally revamped their image! They are the saviors of the environment! They have really high end beauty products! Who knew?!?

The Awakening: I was on the plane reading Vogue, Elle, and whatever else I can get my hands on. I read this article in Elle about this all natural company called 100% Pure which makes these fantastic scrubs and lotions from fruits and such. Very eco-friendly. (the theme of the world this month is "green" meaning that all the magazines are hawking environmentally friendly cosmetics, clothes, cleaning products and celebrities. pass it on!) Then, I read an article in Vogue about the Savannah Bee Company and their scrubs and body lotions which are all made with honey. YUH-mmy.

The article mentions that you can get the products at...wait for it...Bath & Body Works! You are all very smart and get to move to the front of the class.

So I look up where the one closest to me is located and find that on the website they have ALL KINDS of fun products! And also some that look like they might give L'Occitane and Bliss a trademark infringement suit.

I am headed to one this weekend to pick up a scrub...hopefully one which is sweet and eco-friendly.

p.s. there is no Bath & Body Works in the District...where is the love people??

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