Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Absolute Zero

Correction appended.

You would think packing up to come home from a trip would be pretty easy, right? You just pick up all of the stuff you brought with you and shove it in a suitcase. Apparently, this is more difficult than I am capable of.

I was away this weekend with my family and, of course, forgot to pack shampoo and conditioner. So I decided to suck it up, be a sport and try the hotel's brand. Hey, I thought, maybe I can even blog about it.

The shampooing goes okay. Then the conditioner, which I realize is terrible. I keep putting more in, but it doesn't seem to be working. I look at the label in my pre-contacts/pre-consciousness state and see that it is HAND LOTION!!

I mean seriously! Seriously? Who puts the teensy tiny opaque bottle of hand lotion next to the shampoo and expects there not to be a problem?

Once I recover from the horror that is trying to get this crap out of my hair, I think, my mom will have some kind of leave-in product! Moms are so good at this stuff. As in, not being a complete spazz. She brings me her bottle of Zero Frizz Corrective Hair Serum.

I have to tell you that I was not impressed with this product that day. But let's face it, after you put cheap hand lotion in your hair, you can't expect to look like a Breck girl. I should have been happy I didn't look like I got dipped in a vat of grease or stuck my hand in an electrical socket. More like a combination of the two. This is why God and Goody invented ponytail holders.

However, I did manage to pack the Zero Frizz and take it home with me. 250 miles away from its rightful owner. Happy Mother's Day to my mom, right?

So, before I mail it back to my mother, I decided to sneak a little test run sans the hand lotion rinse. And it ROCKS. I put a squirt into damp hair and then blew it dry. There was, quite literally, zero frizz. My hair was also shiny and swingy and pretty all over!

I assumed that this was some pricey product since I had never seen it before and my mother has quite the Amex Black taste, but she said she got it at the drugstore for like 6 dollars! AND then, she claimed to receive the tip from my very curly haired sister (who will be totally frozen out for not letting ME in on this secret!). AND then, she told me to keep the bottle! Rock on!

Now, it is unusually NOT humid in DC right now, so the true test will come soon. Have faith, sisters!

Pop Quiz Hotshot: Any science nerds like me in the audience know the value of absolute zero and what happens when you get there?

NB: I mispoke. The Zero Frizz is the Corrective Hair Serum, not the Extra Strength. The link and name have been corrected.


The Glitterati said...

0 Calvin! Absolutely nothing!! :)

And I was SO excited about ANTM that I almost got committed. Lovin' your blog!

caphillbarbie said...

Yes! Absolute zero is 0 degrees Kelvin, also known as -273 degrees Celsius and it is the point at which all life stops because atoms stop vibrating (I think...)

Yay to The Glitterati for being as big of a nerd as I am (not that there is anything wrong with that)!

The Glitterati said...

...erm... big nerd who mispells Kelvin, anyway... :)

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