Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Secret Socks...

There are certain behaviors that must be stifled when you live with another person. Especially if that person is your significant other. Seriously, they devoted an entire episode of Sex and the City to the topic.

One beauty ritual that I have had to stuff in a drawer (literally, I put them away in my nightstand drawer) when I moved in with my boyfriend are my Bliss Softening Salve and Socks.

The salve/sock combo are a one-two punch to dry feet where you coat your feet with this incredibly thick lotion that smells like peppermint and then slide them into these socks that are lined with a "moisture gel" that helps seal in the moisture. Then you leave them on overnight or while you hang out around the house.

Except...when you live with someone.

The first time I put them on in the post-holiday frenzy where I try to use all my gifts at once and end up looking like a six-year old who raided her mother's closet. I thought they could look cute in that hanging-out-in-the-apartment-quirky-cool way.

My boyfriend laughed so hard I thought he was having an aneurysm.

Then he laughed some more when I had to take them off when my feet got really hot and was grossed out by the "moisture gel."

So the socks have been relegated to the drawer...most of the time.

Now that sandal season is coming up, I have been furtively wearing my socks in shorter intervals while my boyfriend is out of the apartment. Ha ha! Take that Battle of the Sexes!

If you have someone who won't laugh at you, or some time to indulge in secret beauty rituals, I recommend the salve/sock combo, it really softens the feet and gets them ready for the first pedicure of the season.

I won't tell anyone...

photo courtesy of Blissworld.com

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greeneyes said...

I feel your pain...but I have a secret of my own. This is what you do: when you wear athletic shoes to go for a walk or workout, put some of that lotion on before you put on your socks and shoes. The heat from the exercise makes a little mini spa for your feet. Don't use too much, though, or your socks will feel a little slippery.