Thursday, April 27, 2006

I spy with my little eye

So today I am off to the Left Coast!

LA can be so wonderful with the ocean, the sun, the fresh fruit, the emphasis on exercise and healthy living...

Who am I kidding? I enjoy these things for exactly three days and then I cannot wait to get back to the land where people walk (and at a pace faster than snails), I can order a latte with cow's milk (NOT soy!) without being glared at or given a lecture by the person making my drink, and where people understand that The Times means a paper without a section called "Car Culture."

But Los Angeles does have its upside. There is always the added benefit of real celebrity sightings, as opposed to "David Greggory totally cut in front of me in line at Balducci's!" or "I saw Joe Lieberman at Social Safeway" or the ubiquitous Bush twins at Smith Point.

LA is also totally focused on beauty and have some of the best stores to browse around in. I have a whole day free to explore and shop, so I plan on going to Sephora (I really dislike the layout of the Georgetown store, even though the selection is above par) and also hitting Fred Segal like a ton of bricks. They always have the newest and coolest products and I am anxious to try the Monyette perfume that The Beauty Addict blogged about yesterday. Perhaps it will get me out of the Chanel Allure rut that I have been stuck in since college!

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