Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I love the nightlife...

Shimmer can be a dangerous, dangerous thing. When used properly, it can illuminate your face, making you look happy and healthy and glow-y. But! It can also be used as a tool for evil, which makes you look shiny, sweaty, and just plain irridescent (but in the bad way, not the good way).

On Saturday night, I tried out Bourjois's Lovely Party Primer in hopes that I could achieve that healthy sexy springtime glow for an evening out.

Now, I have always been a huge fan of Bourjois ever since my grandmother introduced me to the brand at the mini Galleries Lafayette that used to reside in the Trump Building on Fifth Ave. There have always been the rumour that it is really a big big designer makeup brand's products in a different packaging but I mostly like that they come out with fun new products all the time and have the cutest packaging. While it is WAY cheaper in France, it is still at the lower end of the Sephora price points, making it a fun experiment.

So, a past experience with this primer has showed me that I should not use this as an actual primer, as in put it all over my face. Hello, disco ball face! This evening I judiciously applied several dots to my cheekbones and up around my eye socket and rubbed in. It was really a nice little glow, right around where the light hits. It was a smashing success.

However, the night was not all fun and games in the world of shimmer. That very night, I saw firsthand the terror that shimmer can inflict. There was a girl sitting at the bar that night who had on so much of whatever product she used that she was lit up like a christmas tree light! One of my companions actually remarked that she was glowing in the dark and another responded that you could see her face from outer space. And these were men saying these things!

A moment of silence while we all make resolutions not to abuse the shimmer. There is no twelve-step for this, people. Be careful out there.

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