Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Ahhh, back in the warmth.

Seriously, who knew that Southern California could get so blisteringly cold in May? Apparently anyone who reads the weather report and doesn't think that it is simply lying.

Even though it got down to the frigid mid 60s during the day, it was quite a weekend out in LA.

I have no inside dirt on the Lohan Curbside Terry Stop, but I did run into David Hasslehoff browsing the men's department at the Barney's Co-Op in The Grove. I managed to totally OD on avocado and Iced Blendeds and managed to get a sunburn within an hour of arriving.

Productive, no?

On the beauty front, I took a spin around Fred Segal in Santa Monica to quell my beauty jones. While the draconian TSA rules prevented me from picking up too many fun toys, my friend snagged the 100% Pure Organic Dark Chocolate Mocha Body Cream for her mom who was on a quest for chocolate scented body lotion. I recommended checking it out after my positive experiences with the Strawberry Body Scrub from the same line. The lotion is very chocolately smelling, but not overpowering or mercifully lacks the candy sweet smell that so many lotions have these days.

While it was being wrapped up, I became intrigued by the Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara sitting idly at the counter. It looked impressively dark and sooty (that's how I like it!) and the brush looked like it could really give good lash for a night out in a dark club that serves degenerate underage starlets. Unfortunately, I walked away, remembering exactly how many mascaras currently line my dresser. But it did not go unnoticed that Sephora has a mini version available for purchase...

So...did anyone else have any fun beauty adventures over the holiday weekend? Can anyone give me the scoop on the Too Faced Mascara? And, does anyone know where I could get an Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf fix on the East Coast???

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addiction said...

i have heard that too faced's mascara is amazing! and coffee bean, i dont know how you live without it!

Bronzed Girl said...

Let me just say that I love the Too Faced mascara, BUT make sure you read the directions well on how to apply and remove it.. This mascara is not a good one for those of us who like the option of a quick touch up or 2nd coat in the evening (w/o time for removal of the previous).. it doesn't work that way, and when I made the attempt, I ended up losing a few lashes (luckily nothing too traumatic) when i tried to remove.. but other than that.. I love it!